A student must complete at least one major. Candidates for BA, BFA, and BS degrees must complete 124 semester hours. Candidates for the BMus must complete 128 semester hours. No more than 8 hours of ROTC or Theater Workshop may count toward graduation. No more than 8 hours of Equestrian Studies may count toward graduation unless student is in the Recreation major with an Equestrian track or the Equestrian Studies minor. Also, no more than 8 hours of applied music may count toward graduation for students who are not majoring or minoring in music. The minimum quality point average for graduation is 2.0. Grades in major, minor and concentration courses must be at the “C-” level or higher.

Residency Requirements

A student must complete at least 30 hours, one-half of the major and 18 of the last 24 hours at Houghton (except those under the senior-in-absentia privilege or those with special permission whose major or minor require them to be off campus). Other cases require a petition.

Second Degree

A student can’t earn a BA and a BS simultaneously. A student completing two majors, one leading to the BS degree and the other leading to the BA degree, is asked to choose which of the degrees to receive, and then graduates with one degree and two majors (choice of degree may depend on Liberal Arts hours). The only situation in which a student may be awarded two different baccalaureate degrees simultaneously is by completing all requirements for both a BMus or BFA and either a BA or a BS, including the relevant integrative studies hours for each. Students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree, either at Houghton College or elsewhere, may earn a second baccalaureate degree by completing all Houghton College requirements for the degree and earning at least 30 credit hours in residence at Houghton College subsequent to the awarding of the first degree. If the first degree was granted by Houghton College, the second degree must be a different degree, e.g., a BS earned subsequently to a BA. The cumulative grade point average of work subsequent to the first degree must be 2.0 or higher. As with all Houghton degrees at least half of the hours for the major must be earned from Houghton; however, they do not all need to be earned subsequent to the first degree.

Changes in Requirements

Changes in graduation requirements may occur during a student’s career. On such occasions, students generally complete requirements as specified in the catalog for the year of their matriculation. However, the student may select a subsequent catalog in effect during his or her college career. Occasionally changes are made which include more precise implementation guidelines. If the student believes the program is unfairly or unreasonably modified, the student should consult the Academic Records Office.

Liberal Arts Requirements

Most of the courses at Houghton College are liberal arts courses, designed either for contributing to a general education or for enhancing understanding of a particular subject area or discipline of inquiry. Other courses are professional in nature, designed to prepare a student for a specific occupation, e.g., education, business, ministry.

The State of New York and Houghton College require a minimum of 93 hours of liberal arts courses for the BA degree and 62 hours for the BS degree (in addition to specialized areas of professional work), and a minimum of 32 hours for the BMus and BFA degrees.

Master of Arts in Music; Master of Music

A candidate for a master's degree chooses a curriculum from the listings to be found in The Greatbatch School of Music Graduate Bulletin.

Bachelor of Arts

A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree selects a major, and that choice must be approved by the chair of that department. The BA degree requires a minimum of 93 hours of liberal arts and a total of 124 hours.

Bachelor of Science

A candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree may select a major from accounting, art education, Bible, biochemistry, biology, business administration, chemistry, Christian formation, communication, computer science, inclusive childhood education, information technology management, physical education, physical-health education, physics, recreation, TESOL with culture, language & linguistics, or writing. The BS degree requires a minimum of 62 liberal arts hours and a total of 124 hours.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

A candidate for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree may select a major in Applied Design and Visual Communication or Studio Art.

Bachelor of Music

A candidate for the bachelor of music degree chooses a curriculum from the listings to be found under music in the Academic Programs section.

Associate of Arts

The AA degree is designed to prepare students for continued studies in the liberal arts. However, the program also provides a general education for those wishing a two-year course for their own cultural enrichment.

A student may earn the associate in arts degree by completing a total of 62 semester hours (or 60 hours in the Houghton in Buffalo program) as follows:

  1. 40 hours of integrative studies (as described below) or completion of the Houghton in Buffalo core curriculum (36 hours) at the Buffalo site.
  2. 12 hours in an area of focus, chosen in consultation with an advisor. A student must receive grades of C- or higher in all courses in the area of focus; OR the student completes Houghton College's entire Integrative Studies package.
  3. Cumulative grade point average must be 2.0 or higher.
  4. At least 30 hours, including at least 18 of the last 24, must be from Houghton College, as well as at least half of the hours in the area of focus. (For the Houghton in Buffalo option Plan 2, any or all of the hours in the area of focus may be completed via coursework from other colleges, either independently or via cross-registration).
The Integrative Studies requirements for the AA  (not all applicable to Houghton in Buffalo):
  • Required courses - 12 hours
  1. 4 hours of Writing
  2. 4 hours of Culture: history or philosophy
  3. 4 hours of Biblical Literature or, if eligible, a 200 level Bible course (excluding BIBL 251 and BIBL 261
  • Additional hours - 28
  1. INTS 102 Transitions 102: Succeeding at Houghton (1)
  2. Culture: (no more than 0ne from each of these: Art (4), Music (4), History (4) or Philosophy (4) (must choose area not taken for the core requirments), and Literature (4)
  3. Faith Foundation: Introduction to Christianity (4)
  4. Creation: (no more than one from each of these): Lab Science (4), Mathematics (4)
  5. Competencies: (up to two language courses are allowed): Health and Wellness (1-4), Foreign Language (4, 4)
  6. Community: (must choose different areas if taking more than 4 hours (no more than 8 hours total): Anthropology (4), Communication (2 or 4), Economics (2, 2), Political Science (4), Psychology (4), Sociology (4)

Houghton in Buffalo course offerings are subject to change, and will be available in the catalog starting in 2014. Two plans are offered for each two-year program cycle:

  • Plan 1 - Fully fixed curriculum with an area of focus in Liberal Arts.
  • Plan 2 - Partially fixed curriculum in which the student creates an area of focus in consultation with an academic advisor, subject to the availability of appropriate courses at Houghton College or another area institution by agreement.

Associate in Applied Science

A student earns the associate in applied science degree by completing the two-year Christian ministries course of 62 semester hours, of which at least 22 are in liberal arts.


Each student should select one major area for specialized study by the time he/she earns 45 hours. Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student's eligibility for certain student aid awards. Houghton College grants degrees in the following areas:

DepartmentDegreeHEGIS Code*
Department of Art

Art BA 1002
Art Education BS 0831

Studio Art BFA 1002
Applied Design & Visual Communication BFA 1002
Department of Biblical Studies, Theology, and Philosophy

Bible BA, BS 1510
Christian Ministries AAS 5502
Christian Formation BS 1510
Philosophy BA 1509
Religion BA 1510
Department of Biology

Biochemistry BA, BS 0414
Biology BA, BS 0401
Department of Business and Economics

Accounting BS 0502
Business Administration BS 0506
Information Technology Management BS 0507
Department of Chemistry

Biochemistry BA, BS 0414
Chemistry BA, BS 1905
Department of Communication

Communication BA, BS 0601
Department of Education

Adolescence Education

       Biology BA 0401.01
       Chemistry BA 1905.01
       English      BA 1501.01
       Mathematics      BA 1701.01
       Physics BA 1902.01
       Social Studies BA 2201.01
       Spanish BA 1105.01
Art Education BS 0831
Inclusive Childhood Education BS 0802
TESOL with Culture, Language & Linguistics BS 1508
Department of English and Writing

English BA 1501
Writing BA, BS 1507
Department of History and Political Science

History BA 2205
Political Science BA 2207
Department of Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Studies BA 2210
International Development BA 2210
Department of Leisure Studies

Recreation BS 0835
Department of Mathemtics and Computer Science

Computer Science  BS 0701
Mathematics BA 1701
Greatbatch School of Music (See Graduate Bulletin for information regarding master's degree programs in music.

Music BA, MA 1004, 1005
Composition MusB/MusM 1004.10
Music Education MusB 0832
Music with non-music elective studies MusB 1004
Performance: Brass Instruments MusB 1004
Performance: Organ MusB 1004
Performance: Percussion Instruments MusB 1004
Performance: Piano MusB 1004
Performance: Stringed Instruments MusB 1004
Performance: Voice MusB 1004
Performance: Woodwind Instruments MusB 1004
Collaborative Performance MusM 1004
Conducting MusM 1004
Performance MusM 1004
Department of Physical and Health Education

Physical Education BS 0835
Physical Education non-certification BS 0835
Physical-Health Education BS 0835
Department of Physics and Earth Science

Applied Physics BS 1999.20
Physics BA, BS 1902
Department of Psychology and Sociology

Psychology BA 2001
Sociology BA 2208
Department of World Languages and Literatures

Spanish BA 1105
Interdisciplinary/Special Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies BA, BS 4999
Management BS 0515
Liberal Arts AA 5649

*HEGIS - Higher Education General Information Survey

Associate Deans and Areas

Associate Dean for Arts and Letters: James F. Wardwell

  • Department of Art
  • Department of Communication
  • Department of English and Writing

Associate Dean for Biblical Studies, Theology, and Philosophy: J. Michael Walters

Associate Dean for Education and Physical Education: Cathy E. Freytag

  • Department of Educaton
  • Department of Physical and Health Education

Associate Dean for Intercultural, World Languages and Leisure Studies: Marcus W. Dean

  • Department of Intercultural Studies
  • Department of Leisure Studies
  • Department of World Languages and Literatures

Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Keith A. Horn

  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Department of Physics and Earth Science

Associate Dean for the School of Music: Stephen W. Plate

Associate Dean for Social Sciences: Paul D. Young

  • Department of Business and Economics
  • Department of History and Political Science
  • Department of Psychology and Sociology

Integrative Studies (General Education)

Academic work at Houghton is organized under four categories: integrative studies, major work, minor work, and elective work. The system of majors and minors provides for general coordination and some intensive training that is often introductory to later professional preparation. Each student must have a major. Minors are optional.


In the major the student must complete a minimum of 24 semester hours of major credit (any course numbered 200 or above unless otherwise specified). Many majors require more than 24 hours. At least one-half of a student’s major must be completed at Houghton. The minor consists of 12 or more hours of work acceptable for major credit unless otherwise stated. No grades below C- count toward the major or minor. Students majoring in a Bachelor of Music curriculum may, with the approval of the director of The Greatbatch School of Music, be permitted to count one D-level grade in the music theory sequence (MTH 227, 325, 327) and one D-level grade in the music history sequence (MHS 231, 232, 333, 334).

Self-Designed Minor

This option is available for students wishing to specialize in an area not covered by an existing minor. It consists of 12 to 15 hours of courses 200 or above and will be proposed by the student in consultation with the faculty advisor and approved by the associate dean for academic affairs. Approval for such minors will include consideration of how the choice of courses supports the stated academic goals of the student.

Integrative Studies Requirements for BA, BFA, and BS Degrees

In keeping with the major objective of the college, to provide a liberal arts education within the framework of the Christian faith, each candidate for the BA, BFA, and BS degree is required to take a stipulated package of courses unless given graduation credit and/or advanced standing on the basis of advanced placement or standardized departmental tests. (Graduation credit and/or advanced standing are contingent on a favorable review of the examination papers by Houghton faculty members.) Students also need to meet a required number of liberal arts credits for their specific degree (93 for the BA, 62 for the BS, and 32 for the BFA).




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