Student Financial Services Information

The goal of the Student Financial Services Office (SFSO) is to assist families through the financial aid process and to help them identify sources of aid so that a Houghton education is affordable. Houghton College distributes aid in compliance with all federal, state, and institutional policies and procedures. All students are urged to consult with the aid counselors about particular situations regarding funding. This is especially true for students considering participation in consortium or study-abroad programs.

Student Accounts

The mission of the Student Accounts office is to provide excellent service for our students, parents and colleagues while upholding internal controls that ensure financial transactions are accurately processed and proper records are maintained. The office is responsible for billing and collection of student tuition, fees, and room and board for each semester, as well as the receipt and disbursement of all student financial aid, including processing refunds from financial aid awards.

It is our goal to provide excellent service and support to our student population in a professional manner in order to create a positive environment for our students, parents and colleagues. We hope the information here and on our website helps give students and parents insight as to the functions of Student Accounts at Houghton College.

Tuition and Fees

General Information and Policies

Financial Aid

At Houghton, we believe that it's our job to do more than develop the next generation of bright minds and industrious professionals. We develop thoughtful, generous, responsible human beings. People with open minds, deep faith, and compassionate hearts. People who will make an impact on the world, whether that's by going on a mission trip, creating environmentally sound technologies, or simply conducting business with skill and integrity.

We are committed to the needs of our students and their parents, and recognize that college is a significant and personal investment and a major concern for most families.  At Houghton College, our financial aid staff understands your concerns, and we do everything we can to make this process as easy as possible.

Our goal is to make an education at Houghton College affordable for all of our students.  Although we are not able to meet the full need of every student, by combining the various types of financial aid available, we use every manner possible to coordinate adequate resources to enable you to invest in a higher education at Houghton College.

We hope the information here will help you navigate through the financial aid process and offer valuable resources as you prepare for this important step in your life.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Any student who wishes to be considered for aid funds administered by Houghton College must submit a copy of the FAFSA annually, listing Houghton College (school code: 002734) as a recipient. The FAFSA may be submitted online after January 1 at Priority consideration is given to students whose applications are received by March 1. Houghton College aid may not be renewed to returning students applying for it after July 1.

Houghton College uses the federal methodology formula to determine financial need. The expected family contribution, which is a calculation of the federal methodology formula from the FAFSA data, is subtracted from the cost of attendance to determine need. The SFSO attempts to meet the financial need of each student through various financial aid programs.

All grants, scholarships, and Federal Perkins loans are credited to the student’s account each semester. Federal college work-study earnings are paid by check (or direct deposit if requested) to the student on a bi-weekly basis.

Requirements for Financial Aid Consideration

A student must be a matriculated student making satisfactory academic progress to receive financial aid. A matriculated student is one who has met the entrance requirements and is pursuing a program of study toward a degree.