Counseling Services

The Counseling Center provides personal counseling to all students desiring these services.

Counseling is a growth process that can be beneficial to most students at some time during their college experience. Students come to counseling for many different reasons. Typical concerns presented in counseling are:

“…I‘m anxious and stressed a lot lately … I think I’ve even had some panic attacks ….anything I can do?”

“…I’m down an awful lot…no energy or motivation…just can’t seem to get anything done.”

“…Things at home aren't going so well.  It's stressing me out and I'm not handling it very well.”

“…I think I love him (or her), but I've thought that before.  How can I be sure? ”   

“…I’m trying to be more independent, but that’s causing problems at home and with some of my friends.”

“…Since we’ve broken up I can’t seem to get back into anything. I can’t get on the top of this.”

“…I was abused as a child … I’ve never spoken to anyone about it, but the memories are coming and making it harder to concentrate on my studies.”

“… I’m getting married …I’d like some pre-marital counseling…do you offer any?”

“…I’m bothered by my attitude toward food and my eating I have an eating disorder?”

“… A family member/friend from home has died …I know I need to get over it, but I can’t concentrate and don’t know how.”

“…I’m having some doubts about my Christian faith…. God seems nowhere these days”

It’s not uncommon to hear these sentiments from students. At the same time, however, they might not stop to consider that a counselor might be of help. One or two conversations may help you manage to face these issues more effectively. 

At times events from the past can result in emotional conflicts that require more extensive counseling. Such situations are often characterized by a student who is “getting by” but is suffering considerable emotional pain or confusion. The Counseling Center staff is interested in helping with these concerns. The Center also has a psychiatric consultant on campus one day each month to provide psychiatric evaluation, medication, follow-up and consultation services.

Finally, the Counseling Center provides group experiences for addressing recovery from abuse and grief. These groups will be offered on the basis of need or popular request.

The Center has professionally-trained counselors to help you with any of the above concerns. Appointments can be made to meet with a counselor by visiting the Center located on the first floor of the Campus Center. Counseling services are confidential.