Safety and Security

The Houghton College Safety and Security Office is located on the first floor of the Campus Center. An officer is on duty 24 hours daily and can be reached by dialing 585.567.9333. Office hours are 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday on class days.

For all fire, ambulance or police emergencies, call 911.

Safety and Security Mission Statement

The Department of Safety and Security will serve our college community by promoting:

  • Our mutual responsibility for campus safety
  • Protection of campus property
  • Program to prevent crime
  • Enforcement of college policies and the law
Campus Law Enforcement

The Safety and Security personnel of Houghton College are uniformed officers, employed by the college to protect Houghton College personnel and property. These officers have the authority to require identification, issue parking citations, and sign complaints with local and state police on behalf of Houghton College. They are on duty twenty-four hours a day every day of the year.      

Vehicle Registration/Parking

Student owned or operated vehicles must be registered at the Safety and Security Office as soon as they are brought to campus. A parking policy established by the Student Government Association and the Student Life Council is in effect. This policy is provided upon request or upon registering a vehicle. Vehicles without proper registration are subject to fines. Repeat offenders may have their vehicle immobilized or towed at the owner’s expense. All freshman and sophomore residents are required to park in the Fire Hall parking lot on Route 19. Juniors and seniors may explore further parking options by inquiring at the Safety and Security Office.

Regular permit fees vary in price from $30-$150 per year. Permits are available on a per semester basis at a slightly higher per year cost. Temporary permits for the Fire Hall lot will be issued free for the first week and $10 per week thereafter. These fees help defray the cost of parking lot maintenance. 

The college does not assume liability for vehicles on college property, regardless of cause (including vandalism and parking lot conditions).

Firearms, Weapons, and Fireworks

The following items are considered weapons that must be stored in the Safety & Security Office immediately upon their arrival on campus. They can then be checked out for appropriate use:

  • Any weapon powered by pump action, including any BB gun
  • Any weapon powered by compressed air or CO2 cartridge including all paint ball guns
  • Any firearm, including black powder weapons
  • Any blowgun or similar weapon
  • Any type bow (archery)
  • Any Martial Arts weapon (i.e. nun-chuks, throwing stars, throwing knives, etc.)
  • Any knife with a balde three (3) inches long or longer
  • Any knife with a double-edged blade
  • Any other item that may be deemed as dangerous at the discretion of the Office of Safety and Security.

Fireworks are not allowed on campus unless approved for a particular event. Students may not possess fireworks of any kind.

Illegal Activity

Policy for Reporting Criminal Actions or Other Emergencies:

Each student and employee of Houghton College is expected to promptly report any criminal actions or other emergencies to the appropriate authorities. The Campus Safety and Security Office, Houghton Volunteer Fire Department and Houghton College Maintenance Department, as appropriate, will take immediate action to respond.

Residence hall directors or assistants act as the point of contact for all emergencies occurring within their residence hall. Appropriate authorities will act immediately on any report of criminal action or other emergencies; will investigate, categorize, and report on each instance; and will involve outside police agencies as appropriate.

Building Hours

Pertinent building hours follow: Campus Center is open 5:30 a.m. until 3:00 a.m.  Academic buildings (Science, Chamberlain Center, Music, Stevens Art Studio, and Wesley Chapel) are open 7:00 a.m. till midnight Monday through Saturday. Stevens Art Studio, the Center for Fine Arts, and the Physical Education Center also have limited Sunday hours. The above hours are maintained when the college is in session. During breaks, these facilities will have limited hours if they are open at all.

Securing Personal Belongings

Students are encouraged to keep valuables on their person or locked away at all times. Over 90% of thefts at Houghton are the result of valuables being left unattended. To minimize the risk of theft, keep student residences locked when unoccupied. 

Students are strongly encouraged to check their parents’ homeowner’s insurance policy to confirm that their belongings are covered at college. This is usually a relatively inexpensive rider. College insurance covers only college property. 

Pedestrian Safety

The sidewalks of Houghton College are intended for pedestrians. While alternate, non-motorized forms of transportation (such as bicycles, skates, longboards, skateboards and scooters) are also permitted, the following procedures are in place for the safety of all:

  • Pedestrians have the right of way on all sidewalks and paved paths. Those using bicycles, skates, longboards, skateboards or scooters should exercise caution near pedestrians, including announcing their presence when coming from behind and going slowly when coming around buildings or into other limited visibility areas.
  • Cars and other motorized vehicles (aside from emergency and authorized vehicles) are not permitted on campus sidewalks at any time.
  • Houghton College will occasionally allow trick riding in limited areas at the discretion of the Safety & Security Office. Permission for trick riding must be requested at least two business days in advance.
  • Bicycles, skates, longboards, skateboards and scooters are not permitted to be used inside college buildings.
  • While vehicles are required by law to yield for pedestrians in crosswalks, it is important that pedestrians continue to exercise extreme caution. This is especially true on Centerville Road, at the confluence of several roads and crosswalks. The steep grade of the road, combined with limited visibility and the possibility of slippery conditions can be very dangerous.
  • Riding in the dark should be done only with extreme caution. New York State law requires that bicycles have a light, not just reflectors, for use after dark.
  • The road between the Fancher Building and Rothenbuhler Hall is closed to all foot traffic. This hill is extremely dangerous for pedestrians due to limited visibility for drivers and the lack of shoulders on the roadside. Pedestrians (including runners) should use the footpath adjacent to Rothenbuhler Hall.
  • For safety reasons running along route 19 should be done with caution. Students should run with a companion or in groups (single file for safety) and preferably with reflective clothing.
  • The following campus locations are for pedestrian use only. For safety reasons, bicycles, skates, longboards, skateboards and scooters should be walked through these areas.
  1. Arcade (tunnel) throught the Center for the Arts
  2. Walking path between Stevens Art Studios and Centerville road
  3. Walking path from the Campus Center to Rothenbuhler (including past the Rothenbuhler bridge and the path toward the Fire Hall parking lot)