INCL 256 History, Religion, & Society of the Mekong Region

This course provides an introduction of the historical and social context of the Mekong subregion of South East Asia and explores the dynamics between religious, political, and other social foundations and contemporary forces of change. The course begins with a survey of the major religions of the region (chiefly Buddhism and tribal Animism) and their enduring influence of worldview and culture. The course proceeds with a survey of regional history from ancient times (including the La Na kingdom, of particular significance to Chiang Mai’s heritage) through nation building and international relations to the emergence of globalization. Students will be guided to explore the influence of intangible factors on tangible institutions and historical events. The course includes several excursions to nearby sites and guest lectures to ground the knowledge of the Mekong region with an experiential sense of place and perspective. Liberal Arts.

  • Terms: F&S
  • Credit Hours: 3