Bachelor of Music in Composition

BMus (68 - 82 hours)

The composition curricula provides a foundation for graduate degree study leading to college/conservatory teaching credentials in composition and theory, as well as professional and/or commercial compositional activity. Students explore a wide variety of musical styles with an emphasis on understanding compositional techniques which may be less familiar to them, such as those of 20th century art music. The senior recital requirement may be met by either a full recital of original compositions, or by a half recital of original compositions plus an original work of significant length and form included in another performance. The composer must serve as a performer or conductor for at least one of the pieces on the senior recital.

Entering Composition majors are expected to enter with performance proficiency equivalent to INST 201 in the principal instrument concentration and PIAN 101 (if the principal instrument concentration is not the piano). Required graduation levels are minimum 6 hrs at or above INST 301 in the principal instrument concentration and minimum 4 hrs of piano at or above PIAN 201 if the principal instrument concentration is not the piano.

Course RequirementsCredits
COMP 201-402 Applied Composition 16
INST 201+ Applied Music (Required piano: minimum 4 hours at or above PIAN 201 6 - 18
PERF 485 Senior Capstone: Senior Recital 0
MUS 229 Basic Conducting 2
MUS 329 Choral Conducting or MUS 430 Instrumental Conducting 2
MUS- Ensembles (with or without credit - 8 semesters) 0
MED 227 String Techniques 2
MED 240 Percussion Techniques 2
MED 241 Brass Techniques 2
MED 242 Woodwind Techniques 2
MHS 230-380 Music History and Literature I-III 9
MUS 250 Music in Christian Perspective
MUS 356 Vocal Pedagogy (Voice concentration only)
MTH 220, 221, 227, 228, 325, 326, 327, 328 Theory
Advanced Coursework

At least one course chosen from MTH 458 Sixteenth Century Counterpoint or MTH 462 Form and Analysis or MTH courses numbered 500 and above, with permission.

3 or 6
If only one MTH prefix is chosen, the second advanced course may be MHS 490 Topics in Music History.
3 (if MTH credits are 3)
Advanced Coursework Total
Major Total
68 - 82

Bachelor of Music - Senior Capstone Experience

As a culminating experience in any bachelor of music curriculum, the degree candidate shall successfully complete the senior capstone experience. Composition majors must prepare and successfully present a full senior composition recital as detailed in paragraph one.

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