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The Cooperative program in Christian ministries is accomplished in partnership with The Chapel at Crosspoint, located in Getzville, New York.  Minimally, this is a two-year program which leads to the associate of applied science degree. The course of study requires a total of 60 hours and provides a strong Bible-centered preparation for Christian service in the church or mission field.

All courses in the major, with the exception of Church History, are conducted on the Getzville campus.  Integrative Studies requirements can be completed through the Houghton in Buffalo A.A. program or through Houghton College online courses.  

The cooperative program curriculum consists of 21 hours in integrative studies requirements, including a 3 hours church internship, 24 hours in required ministry courses, with a 12-hour concentration in Bible.. 

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BIBL 193 New Testament Studies 1


A survey of the background and content of the Gospels and the book of Acts. The life of Jesus Christ on earth as seen in the Gospels will be studied thematically and chronologically in the light of its historical background, geographical setting, political situation, and religious conditions. The book of Acts, as a continuation of the activity of Jesus through the Spirit and through the disciples of Jesus, enables students to see the mission of the church and how that mission is to be carried out. Fall (a)

BIBL 198 Studying and Teaching the Bible


A unique blend of hermeneutics and homiletics: how to study the Bible and how to communicate the Bible. The student will develop skills in inductive Bible study, the assessment of learner needs and issues, and the design of effective Bible lessons. Emphasis is upon accurately using basic principles of observation and interpretation of the biblical text and then to applying those principles toward the teaching of the Scriptures. Spring (a)

BIBL 199 Old Testament Studies 1


This course surveys the background and content of the historical books of the Old Testament – from Genesis to Esther – enabling students to gain a worldview shaped by the Biblical mission. The Old Testament will be presented using systematic, chronological, thematic and exegetical methods. Developing a biblical worldview, grasping the purpose of the Law and its typology, and witnessing the unfolding of the Messianic anticipation of Israel is emphasized. Spring (a)

BIBL 210 Old Testament Studies 2


A survey of the background and content of the poetic and prophetic books of the Old Testament: Job through Malachi. An overview will be presented with particular attention to the historical context, literary structure, and theological content of each book. Spring (b)

BIBL 215 New Testament Studies 2


A survey of the background and content of the letters of the New Testament – from Romans through Revelation. These twenty-two books were written to teach the Church of Christ how to live out the Gospel between Christ’s first and second coming, bearing witness to the reality of the good news. Spring (b)

CMIN 193 Spiritual Formation


An introductory overview of the dynamics involved in the formation of mature character in the life of the Christian leader. This course will help students to understand and articulate a biblical theology of personal spiritual growth and renewal; to grasp the nature of the Gospel’s transforming power; and to understand the role of spiritual disciplines in one’s spiritual growth.

CMIN 196 Theological Studies 1


A course is designed to offer the students a critical and thorough understanding of the basic truths of Christianity. As an introductory course, the “non-negotiable” elements of Christian theology are stressed, such as the importance of the Bible; the existence and being of God; the person of Jesus; and the human condition. Spring (a)

CMIN 197 Missional Thought & Behavior


This course is designed to introduce students to the profoundly missional nature of the church, and how they might intentionally adopt missional behaviors in their own lives, becoming partners in the church’s mission in the world. Fall (a)

CMIN 220 Introduction to Biblical Counseling


This course is designed to provide a foundation for counseling within the context of ministry by teaching the basic tenets of biblical discipleship and counseling. It is designed to equip the student with the biblical training, skills and knowledge necessary to minister to others needing help with life issues. Students will gain an understanding of what is meant by the term ‘Biblical Counseling’ and how it differs from other counseling models. Summer (b)

CMIN 230 Theological Studies 2


This course is the continuation of Theological Studies I. Theological doctrines covered in this course include: the atonement and salvation through Christ; the Person and work of the Holy Spirit; The nature and mission of the Church; and the hope of Christ’s return and the triumph of God’s plan for creation. Spring (b)

CMIN 250 Ministry Leadership


This course is designed to provide an examination of models of leadership for Christian ministries, emphasizing practical issues such as developing mission and vision statements, creating effective leadership teams, and the strategic planning, implementation, and oversight of ministries. Summer (a)

CMIN 256 Church History

3-Summer 16

A survey of the story of the Christian Church from its origins in the book of Acts, through its struggles with the Roman Empire; the consolidation of the Roman Papacy in the middles ages; the Protestant Reformation and Roman Catholic Counter-Reformation; Christianity’s spread to the North and South American continents; and the ongoing challenges of the church in the contemporary world. Summer (a) alternating years.

CMIN 289 Ministry Internship

3-F&S, Summer

An eight-week experience of working with various ministries of The Chapel designed to give the student exposure to particular aspects of ministry, and to help determine future areas of service. Students will be supervised and evaluated by members of The Chapel staff. Arrangements for Internships should be made through the Director of the Renovation Institute. Fall/Spring/Summer

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