Administrative Staff

Mark Alessi Administrative Systems Manager
Brianna Allen Head Softball Coach; KPAC Facilities Marketing & Scheduling Coordinator
Cindy Austin Transfer Admission Counselor
Jeffrey Babbitt Director of Marketing and Communications
Erin Bard Administrative Programmer/Analyst
David Brubaker Dir. of Student Health Services; College Physician; Asst. Prof.
Nancy Cole Volleyball Coach
Benjamin Colter Donor Relations Coordinator
Jonathan Craton Resident Director, Rothenbuhler Hall
Rebecca Crouch Director of Conferences
Laura Cunningham Resident Director, Gillette Hall
Kevin Dibble Coordinator of Music Admissions & Recruitment and Assistant Director Choral Activities
Steven Dunmire Director of Ministry Resources
Alan Dusel Assistant Director of Technical Arts
Raymond Ellis Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
Molly Fleming Admission Counselor
Andrew Gaerte Regional Director of Development
Phyllis Gaerte Director of Community Relations
Marshall Green

Public Relations Specialist

Kurtis Habecker Administrative Systems Programmer
Patrick Hager Head Cross Country, Track & Field Coach
Donald Haingray Director of Technology Services
Deanna Hand Head Athletic Trainer and Senior Woman Administrator
Andrew Hannan

Head Men’s Basketball Coach and Director of Nielsen PEC Student Employees

Sharleen Holmes

Library Operations Manager

James Hutter

Associate Director of Academic Records

Kevin Jackson

Director of Sound and Recording

Nicole Kuehner Admission Counselor
Cindy Lastoria Director of Operations for the President
Joseph Liddick Regional Director of Development
Jay Livingston Associate Director of Technology Services
Marianne Loper Director, Student Financial Services
Kerri Lord Admission Counselor
H. Skip Lord Executive Director of Athletics
Jonathan Maroni Assistant Director of Admission
Krista Maroni Resident Director - Lambein Hall
Susan Martin Graduation Counselor
David Mercer Controller
J. L. Miller Resident Director - Townhouses
Alicia Mucher Head Women’s Basketball Coach and Assistant S.I.D.
Jason Mucher

Director of Compliance and Communication

Chad Muise Admission Counselor
Daniel Noyes Regional Director of Development
Andrew Oden Visit Office Coordinator
Helena Oden Director of Campus Store
John Oden

Director of Advancement Services

Eden Palmer Assistant Athletic Trainer
Ray Parlett Director, Campus Safety & Security
Brian Reitnour Head Baseball Coach; Assistant Sports Information Director
Brandon Rush

Senior Creative Designer

Elizabeth Rutledge Assistant Director for Admission Events and Office Operations
Karl Sisson

Director of Development

Ryan Spear Associate Director of Admission Operations
Nancy Stanley Human Resources Administrator and Payroll Supervisor
Jason Stephens Resident Director, Shenawana Hall
Seth Taylor Network Administrator
Zina Teague Admission Counselor
Christopher Tetta Web Coordinator
Matthew Webb Head Men’s Soccer Coach; Assistant Athletics Director
Joseph Wilmot Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Dale Wright Executive Director Human Resources and Administration
Amanda Zacchigna Head Women's Lacrosse Coach