After Houghton

Students and families want to be assured that a Houghton education will provide practical preparation for life gaining employment or acceptance to graduate school for certain, but also more than that. Finding a clear sense of calling and direction. Discovering the truly important and life-giving work God has for them.

Our Alumni 

  • More than 22,000
  • Living in 50 states and 66 foreign countries 
  • Top 5 alumni careers
    • Education
    • Ministry, missions and Christian service
    • Medical, healthcare
    • Higher education 
    • Business


Outcomes: By the Numbers

Each year, Houghton's Vocational Opportunities and Career Advisement Center conducts a survey of Houghton graduates six months after graduation. The most recent survey data (for the class of 2014) is listed below:

Number of Graduates Surveyed 237
Number of Survey Responses 200 84.4%
Total Employed or in Graduate School 200 100%

Advanced Degrees

Twenty-five percent of Houghton graduates begin graduate studies within six months of graduation. Another 41% plan to enter within three years after graduating from Houghton. 

Present educational status*
Already entered graduate/professional school 25.1%
Planning to enter within one year 11.6%
Planning to enter within three years 29.1%

Here’s a sampling of graduate schools attended*:

  • New York University School of Law
  • Penn State
  • Syracuse University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Baylor University
  • Washington University School of Medicine
  • Cornell University
"My Houghton education prepared me well
for my current studies"*
Strongly Agree 46.3%
Agree 46.3%
Total Strongly Agree or Agree 92.6%

*Data were taken from the placement survey administered to the class of 2014 six months after graduation.

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