At Houghton, our students develop a strong sense of purpose and identity through transformative experiences that occur both inside and outside of the classroom.

Experience a Different Kind of Community 

Deep friendships. Inspiration. Encouragement. Togetherness. Experiences of a lifetime. It’s hard to describe, but Houghton's community is truly unique. Our idyllic natural setting and small-town location, combined with our intentional commitment to fostering an engaged community, provide students with a truly transformative college experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

The Residential Experience: Living and Learning Together

 At Houghton, the majority of students, faculty and staff live, learn, work and worship within close proximity to the college. With over 90% of students living on campus, Houghton’s residential environment is a laboratory for life, helping students earn to live in a diverse community, successfully navigate relationships and hone leadership skills.


Leadership and Character

Developing leadership skills and character is at the heart of a well-rounded Houghton education. Students gain valuable life skills through co-curricular activities such as intercollegiate athletics, involvement in campus clubs and organizations and leadership positions in student government. Learning to work as a team, sacrificing individual acclaim for the betterment of others, striving for integrity, and moving beyond their comfort zones are experiences that are naturally cultivated throughout life at Houghton.