At Houghton, our Christian faith informs and intersects each area of life on campus, from the classroom to the athletics field, from campus activities to dorm life, from freshman orientation to graduation.

Integration of Faith and Learning

students in tanzaniaAt Houghton, faculty bring their Christian convictions to bear on their academic disciplines.  We ask students to think about how their faith should inform their academic study and influence and guide their future aspirations. It is our goal at Houghton for students to become strong, convicted Christ-followers and scholars.

A Christ-Centered Community

Christian character is developed and nurtured throughout all aspects of the Houghton experience.  Convictions are formed through academic study and mentoring relationships.  Camaraderie and Christian fellowship are fostered by our distinctly residential environment.  Through our Community Covenant, faculty, staff and students covenant with God to live in community according to biblical principles, both in our relationship with God and with each other.

Spiritual Practices for Life

Wesley ChapelWe seek to instill within students spiritual practices and rhythms that will carry on throughout their lives.  Chapel brings our campus community together and provides an opportunity (three times a week) to gather for corporate worship and teaching.  Daily and weekly worship services and prayer times provide an additional avenue to meet God through Scripture and music.

Denominational Heritage

Our connection to The Wesleyan Church has remained steadfast throughout our entire history, from our very founding to the present day.  Our students, faculty and staff represent a wide variety of Christian denominations, and our conversations about matters of faith are filled with deep conviction, passion, humility and civility.