Why Houghton?

Two words: Christ-Centered

Houghton's commitment to a Christ-centered educational experience is seen in all aspects of campus life. Our Christian faith is core to who we are, what we do and why we do it. Your faith will be supported, challenged, stretched and deepened throughout your time at Houghton. You'll leave Houghton with a firm foundation of faith and a desire to impact the world for Christ.

Questions Welcome

At Houghton, asking questions is not only okay; it is encouraged. And not just the easy questions, but the hard ones: about faith and life. We don't seek to produce cookie-cutter Christians who all think and believe the same things. Rather, we desire thoughtful students who can engage the important questions of our day with great care and insight through the lens of their Christian faith.

Beauty Surrounds

Our campus is beautiful. Classic college architecture, the Houghton Forest, an interpretive nature trail. Places to walk, run, hike, bike, ski, snowboard, play and pray all across our 1,300 acre campus. Our location in the Western corner of New York State affords access to God's majestic creation, from nearby Letchworth State Park (voted the #1 State Park in the nation) and Moss Lake Nature Sanctuary to the scenic Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls.

Small Is Where It's At!

Houghton's size of 1,000 students provides a nice balance, allowing you to try your hand at almost anything: sports, music and the arts. Small also makes possible personal mentoring from faculty and staff. At Houghton, you will know others and be known by others. (Small also means short lines in the cafeteria and campus bookstore!)

Liberal Arts for Today

A liberal arts education is like a workout for your mind. It’s a philosophy that focuses on equipping you to become a life-long learner. You'll learn how to think, how to write and communicate clearly, how to draw connections between seemingly disparate areas, and how to analyze complexity from a variety of perspectives. Simply put, you'll be supremely prepared for work and life in a changing world.


There's something special about Houghton. Something that binds us together. Something that creates within alumni a desire to return, even 50 or more years after graduation. We believe that our small-town location, natural setting and highly residential community foster a distinct close-knit community unlike many others.

The Professors

Our professors are superb teachers and experts in their fields. They care about students, not just from an academic standpoint, but emotionally, socially and spiritually. Houghton profs will be your closest allies and your biggest fans during your time at Houghton and even after as you head out into the world upon graduation.

Outcomes. Outcomes. Outcomes.

According to our most recent alumni survey, 100% of the class of 2014 reported being employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. This speaks volumes about the quality of preparation students receive at Houghton.

A Global Experience

Houghton's global connections intersect many areas of college life, from the classroom to the dorm room. With a student body hailing from over 20 countries, you'll learn from and grow alongside classmates with diverse backgrounds and experiences. In a classroom setting you'll engage and tackle issues that our world is facing today. For half of Houghton's students, their education takes them beyond Houghton, NY to study in places as close by as Buffalo, NY and those further away like Costa Rica, Tanzania, Thailand, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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