Mayterm Information

Mayterm & Summer 2014

Select Mayterm and Summer courses online through Student Self-Service!

You will be able to select Mayterm courses online starting 7am, Monday, February 3rd and ending 11pm, Thursday, February 27th.

Summer on-line course selection runs from 7am, Friday, February 28th through 11pm, Monday, March 17th.

If you choose to come in person, please come to the Records Office beginning Monday February 3rd for Mayterm course selection and beginning Friday February 28th for Summer course selection.


  • Course selection should be completed by March 28th.
  • Mayterm Booklet 2014 (PDF): Contains general Mayterm information including dates, financial information, and the Tuition-Free Mayterm policy
  • Mayterm/Summer 2014 Course Offering (PDF)
  • Mayterm Housing Form (on-line form) - Applications must be submitted by Friday, April 4th for proper billing.  Only students requesting a roommate, changing to Commuter status or applying for a Family Living Exemption need to submit this form.  All others will have housing assigned to them.  Accommodations for requests received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.
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