Your Academic Journey

At Houghton, we take your unique blend of interests, talents, and abilities and help you translate them into meaningful work
that God has for you to do in the world.

You will be stretched in unexpected ways through life-changing experiences and learning opportunities, led by our accomplished and caring faculty and staff who are intentionally invested in you— in your growth, your dreams, your success.

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The Houghton Promise
You want a high-quality education at an affordable price—an education that puts God first and that will prepare you for the fast-paced and ever-changing world of the 21st century.


  • $10,000 new IMPACT Scholarship
  • 3-year graduation pathways
  • Tuition-free bonus year

A Transforming Education

An honors semester in London in your first year. Hands-on learning at the Super Bowl. Building a vehicle powered by alternative energy. Recording and mixing your own album.

Amazing and innovative experiential learning opportunities await you at Houghton.

Inspiring Mentors

They offer more than lectures and textbook curriculum; they provide personal advising, mentoring, and teaching that take students directly into their fields.
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