Education Major

  • Semester GPA started at 2.3 Freshman year. 
  • By the end of Sophomore year she got a 3.2 using the study system she developed. 
  • She had a receptive communication disorder, so it was hard to listen and take notes at the same time. 
  • Remembering facts was difficult (unless they had a cause-effect order).  

Studying for Tests:

  • Read chapters for the day they are due (never get behind)
  • Take notes on the book chapters, noting bold words and main points.
  • Take notes in class
  • Compare notes from the chapter with class notes; add class notes into chapter notes using a different color pen.  (All notes are together so you can study for tests so doesn’t without having to flip between books.

The Weekend Before the Test:

  • Read through all notes a few times.  (She can see what the main points are because those have more class notes added in; they show up in color).
  • Study the main points harder, but look over other points so you can recognize them on the test (in objective questions).  

The Day of Test:

  • Get up 1 and 1/2 hours earlier to review.  Does not study anything new.
  • 10-15 min. before class, stops looking at notes so she won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information. 
  • Doesn’t talk to anyone or answer any questions as she doesn’t want to get discouraged by hearing questions she doesn’t know the answers to (focuses on remembering what she has studied).

During Test:

  • Looks at the essays before doing the multiple choice (MC); tries to write down a brief outline of each answer before going to MC. 
  • Then she does all the multiple choice (objective part).  (When she reads the MC, she looks for items relating to the essays and lets her mind be triggered by them, so she actually gets ideas of things to add in to her essays while doing the MC questions!)
  • She only goes through the Multiple Choice section once, circling any she can’t get; she doesn’t look back over her test much because she generally gets confused by the questions and changes answers to wrong choices !!!
  • She writes her essays.
  • She returns to the circled MC questions after the entire test is completed,  and uses the process of elimination to get at the correct answer.


  • After the first test you can tell how the professor tests; this helps you to take more helpful notes from your text and your lectures.  It shows you what type of information to concentrate on.  Example:  In Psych of Person. she got a 71 on the first test because she studied the main point and big picture; however, the test was on little details.  Next test she focused on details in addition to main ideas and got an 87.