Slow Readers

Simple steps that add up to success.

Study Method of a Slow reader who is Dyslexic and ADD.  GPA 3.65.

  • Never takes more than 15 hrs./semester.
  • Requires a lot of attention to make sense of what he’s reading.


  • Don’t get overwhelmed.  Don’t think about what you have to do, just do it.   If he considers all that’s due he gets overwhelmed.  This approach reduces the stress and makes it easier to get into the work.
  • Figure out what you need to know and what you can skip.  This takes a month or two.  When you know this you can focus on that information. 
    Some profs. (Howard) cover what the book doesn’t, but you are tested on both book and lecture information (but with Howard, it’s more on the book).


  • Briefly do text reading and highlight - just look for key terms and main concepts.  He skims until he finds really important items, then reads those in more depth.  He skips examples unless he doesn’t understand the concept. 
  • Take notes from the highlighted material, generally another day. 
  • Compare text notes with class notes.  He sometimes highlights concepts in class and in book notes by using the same colors, so he can hook concepts together by color.
  • Study book notes together with class notes.  He generally does not refer back to his book once he’s made his notes.  Pay special attention to overlapping information (mentioned in book and class).

NOTE - Some classes don’t require all these steps.  Sometimes you don’t do step 3 as the book and class notes duplicate each other, so he focuses on just class notes or on book notes depending on how the professor tests.


  • Be attentive to what the professor wants in papers.  Always study professor comments on returned papers so you can improve what you do on the next paper.