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Writing Center Consultants

Stephanie Ford
 is an Inclusive Childhood Education major with a concentration in writing and a minor in English. In her free time she enjoys reading, sharing deep conversations with friends, eating spicy Asian food, and splashing through puddles in pouring rain. Stephanie grew up in Hungary and Kazakhstan and has several years of experience tutoring both native and non-native English speakers. She serves on the Journey’s End Tutoring leadership team; works as a proctor at the Houghton Academy girls’ dorm; and loves laughter, theater, and writing. Inspired by her mother and high school English teacher, Stephanie strives for sharp, effective, and creative writing. In 2009, Stephanie won second place in the Canadian Word Guild's “God Uses Ink Novice Writing” national competition, and last year she won a Faculty Excellence Writing Award for a Literary Non-Fiction essay. This is Stephanie’s second year working as a Writing Center tutor. If you would like help with a writing assignment, whatever stage you’re at, feel free to stop by and visit her!

Hannah Lily
 - While in her final year here at Houghton, Hannah would love to have you stop by the Writing Center! When she’s not there, she keeps herself occupied with work at the Campus Store; activities for her majors--business administration and writing--and her minor in communication; and extracurricular activities such as Class Cabinet, SGA, and intramurals. This past summer, she enjoyed reading some of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales while traveling and putting on youth camps for Farmers Union throughout the state of South Dakota. She also enjoys many hobbies, including running, collecting stamps and coins, and hunting and fishing. Writing has always been an enjoyable pastime as well thanks to her mom, who taught her that whether it be sending a letter to friends during the summer or working on a paper for class, writing can powerful impact those around you.

Ben Murphy - A native of Houghton, he has officially been enrolled in Houghton courses since he “miraculously passed” a calculus class during his junior year at Fillmore Central, a public high school five minutes down the road. Ben’s practice of simply taking classes he finds interesting has resulted in him double majoring in Humanities and Writing. In addition to allowing him to study myriad topics that interest him, this flexible combination has also afforded him a Mayterm in Italy, a semester in London (FYHP), and a term in Oregon. Given the rewarding experiences of these academic trips, as well as other positive times spent away or abroad, Ben has encouraged his peers to pursue study outside of the immediate and comfortable. In addition to traveling, Ben enjoys reading, particularly classics and fiction; running; watching movies (or films, depending on who is asking); and listening to and making music. He invites you to stop by and visit him in the Writing Center whenever you can.

David Smith - Hailing from eastern Virginia, David Smith is a senior writing major with minors in French and TESOL. After sifting through at least a dozen majors he is passionate about, his love of good literature and writing have led to his decision to pursue these subjects at Houghton College and in graduate school. David was blessed to have been part of Houghton in Tanzania 2013, where he scrutinized lions, jumped in sync with the Maasai, ate termites, and found plenty of material for travel writing. In addition, he will be spending the summer after graduation in France earning a few remaining credits while soaking in the culture of Normandy and Paris. When he isn’t busy with English classes, David enjoys book collecting, scrounging through book stores each week to add to his growing collection. Works of fantasy fiction are some of his favorites, including C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, the latter which David recently honored with a pilgrimage to Harry Potter world in Universal Studios (no spoilers, though, as he hasn’t yet finished the series). He’d be more than happy to help you with your current writing projects.

Jessica Dreiling  is a senior pursuing a double major in English literature and writing with a minor in psychology. She began her love of language early, reading Shakespeare at the age of four (to the great surprise of her parents!), and she began writing her own stories shortly thereafter. She was able to fulfill a life-long dream in her freshman year by studying in London, England, and traveling across western Europe for three weeks. Some of her favorite authors include C. S. Lewis, Tom Stoppard, J. R. R. Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, Terry Pratchett, and Plato. When not buried in reading a book, Jessica loves to travel, talk with people, watch movies, play videogames, and learn about anything and everything--so feel free to drop by the Writing Center anytime for anything, whether you are looking for assistance, company, or just a friendly face!