Arctic Studies in Alaska | Application


Please answer each of the following questions. NOTE: if you wish to check the status of your application or have not received notification that we received your application within 7 days, please email:

Personal Information

(Your social security number will be needed upon acceptance into the program.)


Address at college

Marital Status:

Health Information

Some students may consider some of the questions rather personal. NONE of this information will be shared with other participants. We just want you well cared for while in Alaska. A more detailed health form will be required after acceptance and upon you confirmation of participation.


Have you had any severe illness, phsycial problems, or injuries that could impact your participation in the program?

Can you eat a normal, balanced diet?

Do you have any health/emotional conditions that may be a concern for participation in an off-campus program?

Have you participated in an Off Campus program before?

Please provide contact information for the person on your campus who is responsible for approving study abroad .


I understand that I will take BIOL 211 Ecology of Alaska; ANTH 314 Human Ecology; MISS 308 Alaska Missions; and REC 320 Wilderness Recreation and Management; and any internship or Independent Study course(s) I arrange for with Dr. Wolfe.*

I intend to complete an internship while in Alaska.

I intend to complete an Independent Study while in Alaska.

Do you require a home stay living arrangement to fulfill a requirement for your major or minor?


Be sure to request a faculty member and a leader/mentor/advisor to complete the recommendation forms as specified in the Application Process.
The recommendations should be submitted soon after you complete your application.