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Summer 2015

Session 1 

ENGL 202A - Literary Voices: Classics Revisited (3, MJ, MN, IS)

The principles of literary interpretation. Topical or thematic study of texts, the reading process, and critical perspectives to develop analytical thinking and appreciation.

Instructor: Susan Bruxvoort Lipscomb


MATH 111 - Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (3)
A survey course intended to introduce students to several ideas of mathematics, their historical context, and their applications and significance in society. The course will cultivate an appreciation of the significance of mathematics and develop student’s mathematical reasoning through selected topics in logic, set theory, probability, statistics, number theory, graph theory, the real number system, and problem solving. Creation: Math. Liberal Arts.

Instructor: jill jordan

MHS 254 - Music of World Cultures (3, IS)

Survey of Asian, Latin American, African, European music; listening experience, with research and analysis. Introduction to ethnomusicology to broaden student's perspective. Recommended for those interested in mission field or intercultural relations.

instructor: armenio suzano

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (3, MJ, IS)

 Scientific study of thinking, emotion, and behavior. Surveys theories, issues, and concepts of psychology. May include research participation requirements.

Instructor: Cynthia Symmons

SPAN 101 Spanish Level 1 (3, IS)

Emphasizes the development of communicative competence in Spanish, bringing students to the novice-mid level of oral proficiency. At this level, communicative tasks are specifically  focused on interpersonal and interpretive modes. Additional activities develop awareness and appreciation of the variety of cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Instructor: Marlene Collins-Blair 

Writ 101 - Writing in the liberal arts: Bearing Witness: The Testimony of Words (3)

Theme based seminar course in close reading, critical thinking, and the process of engaged writing. Techniques of expression, analysis and response. Competency – Writing. Liberal Arts.

Instructor: Laurie Dashnau 

Session 2 

BIBL 101 Biblical Literature (4, IS)

Survey of the types of literature found in the Bible. Considers the origin of the biblical texts and canon; basic issues of interpretation (hermeneutics); and an outline of the history of Israel and of the New Testament church as a backdrop for the message. Literary, historical, and theological aspects of selected texts will be explored. This is a prerequisite for all Bible courses and THEL 209.

Instructor: terrence paige 

BIOL 295 ST - Medical Terminology (2, MJ, MN)

This course provides the opportunity to learn and recognize word roots, prefixes, and suffixes used in current medical professions.  The meaningful combination of words (to describe and understand medical conditions) will be emphasized.  Medical terms related to all major body systems will be reviewed. This course is often required for students pursuing careers in numerous health professions, including physician assistant, physical therapy, and nursing, and may be of interest to students in other pre-health tracks (pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-optometry).

Instructor: Jamie Potter

HIST 105 - Western Civilization: Ancient Civilization to the Present (3)

Survey of Western civilization from its cultural roots in ancient Near eastern, Greek and Roman civilizations through its development during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, reformation, the age of discovery and expansion, the rise of science, the Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, nationalism and other ideologies, two World Wars, the Cold War, and post-Cold War culture. Attention to analyzing primary source materials. Culture: History. Liberal Arts.

instructor: Meic pearse

Mlt 211 - Music and listening (3)

 Introduction to the study and enjoyment of classical masterpieces in music: recordings, outside biographical readings, reports on current musical events. Culture: Music. Liberal Arts.

Instructor: armenio suzano 

Pols 205 - In search of justice (3)

 How do we do justice and avoid injustice through political activity? We explore the possibilities and pitfalls of the search for justice by considering classic theories of justice, studying citizen action and the policy process, and examining case studies of specific issues such as health care, same-sex marriage, human trafficking, or other issues of current concern. Community: Political Science. Liberal Arts.

Instructor: peter meilaender 

psy 213 - Developmental Psychology (3)

Concepts and principles, theories, and research methods associated with the development of the individual from conception through old age. Liberal Arts.

instructor: Mark hunter

Span 102 - Spanish level 2 (3)

Emphasizes the development of communicative competence in Spanish, bringing students to the novice-high level of oral proficiency. At this level, students continue to develop their ability to communicate in interpersonal and interpretive modes. Additional activities develop awareness and appreciation of the variety of cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Competency: Foreign Language. Liberal Arts.

Instructor: Marlene collins-blair 

Note 1: credit hours are in parentheses.
Note 2:  a course may have prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before enrollment. Please check the college catalog.