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Library Services for Online Course Students

The Willard J. Houghton Library on the Houghton College campus is available to students registered in Houghton College online courses. Those students have access to the physical collection, the online databases, research help, and Interlibrary Loan services. Certain restrictions may apply.

Library Web Page

  • The library web page provides access to the online library catalog (GRACE), electronic resources, your library account, library policies, and so on.

Research Help

  • You may ask for research help from librarians at a local library or from librarians at Houghton College. You may contact a librarian through email or through phone (585-567-9247).

General Help

  • You may inquire about general issues from the circulation desk through email or by phone (585-567-9242).

Access to Periodical Articles

  • The Online Resources page on the Houghton College Library web site has links to online databases having many periodical articles in full text. Since you will be accessing those links remotely, you will be asked to log in using your network login (user name and password) when you click on a database link. You only have to log in once during any session -- as long as you do not close your browser. Be mindful of copyright restrictions when you copy or print any article. (Contact the HelpDesk if you are having trouble logging in: 585-567-9349; email.)

  • If you discover that a particular article listed in your database search results is not available in electronic full text from Houghton College, then you can see if the print version is available in a local public or college/university library or request that Houghton College send a copy if it is in our print collection. (Check GRACE for Houghton College print holdings. Then fill out this form. We will scan the article and send it via email.)

Access to Books

  • The Houghton College Library has access to over 226,000 electronic books through GRACE (our online catalog) or through our ebooks web page. You will need to use your Houghton College network login when the EZProxy screen appears. (Contact the HelpDesk if you are having trouble logging in: 585-567-9349; email.)

  • We also recommend that you take advantage of local public and college/university libraries for book resources. That will reduce time pressures and cost to you. You may even find that you have access to Interlibrary Loan services through such libraries.

  • However, if particular items are part of the Houghton College print collection, we will send them to you via FedEX at no cost to you. (Note: you will have to cover the cost of mailing those items back to the college.) Complete and submit this form and we will send the items to your home address. Please plan accordingly since several days will elapse before you receive the items from the college.

Interlibrary Loan Services Through Houghton College

 If you cannot find relevant materials locally or in the Houghton College collection, then you may take advantage of our Interlibrary Loan service. For articles, complete and submit  this form and we will send the article via email. For books, complete and submit this form and we will send the book(s) to your home address. (Please be mindful that we will request the article or book from another institution. We will then send it to you after we have received it. That means that 10 days might elapse between when you request the item and when you receive it. You may find the process faster by using your local library's interlibrary loan service.)