Faith Foundation (8 hours)

  • Familiarity with Scripture and Christian theology is central to a Christian liberal arts education that aspires to the full integration of faith and learning.  Students must therefore complete 8 hours of approved coursework in Bible and Christian Theology. Because of these disciplines' foundational character, students are expected to complete at least some coursework in either Bible or theology by the end of their first year.
    • Goals and outcomes for all Bible courses:
      • Students will practice reading biblical texts using the skills of literary analysis and careful observation.
      • Students will grow in awareness of the historical contexts of biblical books and the advantage of reading them within this context.
      • Students will develop an understanding of proper methods of interpretation and application (exegesis, hermeneutics).
    • Goals and outcomes for BIBL 101 additionally:
      • Students will acquire knowledge of the outline of biblical history.
      • Students will acquire a beginning acquaintance with the theological viewpoints of various biblical writers.
    • Goals and outcomes for 200-level BIBL courses additionally:
      • Students will acquire a more precise and detailed understanding of the theology of the biblical writers and books studied, as well as their overall contribution to biblical theology.
      • Students will engage critical questions of the literature, historical context, socio-religious setting, and authorship of the books studied, as appropriate to the topic.
    • Goals and outcomes for Christian Theology:
      • Students will be introduced to systematic Christian theology.
      • Students will be able to identify significant streams of Christian thought and their sources.
      • Students will encounter the intersection of theology and practice through the study of spiritual disciplines and ethical positions of Christians in various church traditions.
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