Integrative Studies 2012-13

Students must fulfill all requirements listed below

There is a drop-down box next to each requirement listing courses and other methods that can be used to meet it (click “Choose an item”). You may select the courses/methods you have used or wish to use, and then save this document for your reference.

Remember: You will still need to register for your courses each semester using Student Self Service


A. Health and Wellness (4 points)
  • MUST have one from each point category; at least 1 point in each of 3 years (where possible)
  • It is strongly recommended that, whenever possible, students satisfy Point #1 before taking courses to accumulate their other points.
  • You cannot use a course to meet more than one requirement unless otherwise noted (eg. Highlander)
  • Health and Wellness courses can be taken for a grade or pass/fail (for credit/not for credit) unless otherwise noted (L=letter grade only; NC=No Credit).
  • Students must register for the appropriate INTS course(s) in order to use Intercollegiate sports to meet Point 3 or 4.
Point #1: Fitness for Life - Theory Component
Point #2: Fitness Lab Component
Point #3: Indoor Activity
Point #4: Outdoor Activity
* Students may, but need not, take the lab, CHEM 188
B. Writing (must satisfy by end of 1st year)
Student will satisfy the Writing Competency if he or she:
C. Quantitative Literacy
Student will satisfy the QL Competency if he or she:
Students who do not satisfy the Quantitative Literacy competency by any of the methods listed above must take a MATH courses for their 2nd Creation requirement - once this MATH course is completed, the QL competency is also considered met.
* Student may request that a grade from 4th year of math (9-12) be used. Appropriate courses include Algebra I or II, Geometry, Math A or B, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics, etc. Consumer math, business math, or similar do not apply.
** Includes College Algebra or Pre-calculus.
*** Completing BADM/ECON/PSY/SOC Statistics meets QL Competency but DOES NOT meet Creation requirement below.
D. Foreign Language
Student will satisfy the FL Competency if he or she:
* or its equivalent through a test such as the College Level Examination Program [CLEP]
** Such experiences may include a summer/semester/year abroad engaged in activities such as internships that require extensive use of a language other than the student’s native tongue

Faith Foundation

Bible requirement must be completed by end of 1st year

A. Bible
B. Theology
* course usually taken in student’s second year



Students are encouraged to complete at least one History or Philosophy course by the end of the first year

A. Art or Music
S=Studio; L=Lecture
B. History
C. Literature
D. Philosophy
* With or without credit. Includes Men’s & Women’s Choir, College Choir, Philharmonia, and Symphonic Winds. Other ensembles possible if approved by ensemble director. Admission to all college ensembles is by audition or hearing.
** must take both for IS
*** meets both Literature and Philosophy requirements


At least 2 courses, 1 from each category
Courses must have two different prefixes
A. Lab Science:
B. Math or Science:
(If QL Competency (above) is not met, must take MATH course)
* may only be used if QL Competency has been met
+ may be taken for 4 credits with lab or 3 credits without lab




Students must choose courses from at least two disciplines
Courses must have two different prefixes


Must be different prefix from above
* must take both for IS
** may use only one of these for Community


Minimum Liberal Arts hours (BA:93hrs; BS: 62hrs)
Minimum 124 semester hours required for graduation
Transitions 102

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