Honors | Applying

How to apply

Applicants wishing to be considered for the Houghton Honors Program must complete the Houghton College admission process.

Upon admission to Houghton, selected students will be invited to apply for admission to the program on the basis of their academic profile.

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The invitation process

The Admission Office will begin the formal invitation process to apply for the program in October, continuing through early January. Finalists and their parents will be invited to campus for an interview weekend.

Decisions regarding admission to the program will be made on a rolling basis, and within three weeks of completion of your interview. Approximately 25 students will be admitted to each program. Students will be able to indicate which program they prefer. A student's intended major is not a factor in the selection.

Honors costs

The basic cost of participation includes Houghton tuition plus program fees. The cost is only incrementally more than a typical semester in Houghton. Financial aid can be used for the Honors Program.