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Science Honors

This hands-on program is designed to give you extensive opportunities for research and discovery.

At the heart of the program is an interdisciplinary course in which you will work with students and professors from multiple science fields to design and implement a research project focused on a major world issue – global climate change.

Your project will have two main experimental components. First, to determine the validity of existing theories, your group will engineer a meteorological radiosonde that will measure chemicals, radiation levels, and atmospheric conditions at altitudes of up to 20 miles above Earth’s surface. Second, to assess the effects of temperature change in aquatic ecosystems, the group will study the changes in molecular physiology of salmonid fish.

Throughout your research, you will communicate your findings to readers and listeners from a variety of audiences, including an undergraduate research conference. The program is also committed to developing your scientific skill in your chosen major as well as providing a philosophical and historical context that will help you become a leader in your selected scientific field.

To find out more about this program, see the blog written by this year's Science Honors group.

Houghton Science Honors graduates are now at places like:

  • Cornell University
  • Maryland Medical School
  • Icahn School of Medicine
  • Trevecca Nazarene University PA school
  • University at Albany, SUNY
  • University of Minnesota
  • Washington University Medical School
  • Xylem Inc.: Mechanical Engineer