Science Honors: Program Outline

First year
Fall Semester Credit hours Spring Semester Credit hours
Science Honors Course 2 Science Honors Course 6
Western Civilization (Science Honors) 2 Western civilization (Science Honors) 2
Course in chosen major
4 Course in chosen major 4
Course in chosen major 4 Course in chosen major 4
Biblical Literature 4    
Total credit hours 16 Total credit hours 16
Science Honors Course 4    
Second Year
Fall Semester Credit hours
Philosophy (Science Honors) 4
Other courses as appropriate for integrative studies, major, and minor  

Science Honors Course (2 hours fall, 6 hours spring, 4 hours May)

The Science Honors course will be the flagship of our honors program. The unifying element of this course is a specific interdisciplinary problem in science. All other class activities will be motivated by the students' need for the information and skills required to solve this problem. For this reason, the course will be more like a six-hour laboratory than a traditional lecture course.

Writing and public speaking will be tightly integrated into the class, which will culminate in a public presentation of the research projects. The students' experiences in this course will prepare them for later collaborative research with faculty and fellow students in their major.

Western Civilization (Science Honors) (2 hours fall, 2 hours spring)

This special section of Western Civilization will emphasize the connections between science and western culture, history, and philosophy, and will study western civilization in the context of the rise of science and technology. Some collaboration with the science courses may be possible, allowing various historical events in science (e.g. discovery of blood flow, discovery of oxygen, Newtonian physics) to be highlighted. It will be offered for two credit hours each semester and will meet the integrative studies foundation requirement for western culture.

Philosophy (Science Honors) (4 hours fall, sophomore year)

In some sense, this will be the culmination of the honors experience – the knowledge students gained the previous year in the science honors course will give them insight into the philosophical topics covered. For this reason, it will be taken the first semester of the sophomore year. This course will cover the ways the basic issues of epistemology (the nature of knowledge) and metaphysics (the nature of reality) arise in the context of our efforts to understand the natural world (including ourselves as part of that world), that is, the philosophy of science. This course will meet the integrative studies foundation requirement for philosophical foundation.

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