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When and how long is Houghton's online summer session?

Houghton’s summer session is eight weeks in length, running from June 4 through July 30, 2012.

What online courses are being offered for summer 2012?

BADM 220 - Advanced Computer Applications (4) with Ken Bates
A hands-on, laboratory-type course constructed with a critical thinking, case-based, and problem-solving methodology that will challenge you to apply the productivity tools of Microsoft Office 2010® and Microsoft Project 2010 ® in solving real world problems. The course assumes you are familiar with the fundamentals of Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7; Word 2010® Excel 2010® Access 2010® and PowerPoint 2010®. Satisfies Business minor requirement and Information Technology Management major requirement.

BADM 320 - Leadership Development (4) with Matthew Webb
A study of the principles of leadership found in biblical leaders, throughout history, and in our own lives. Designed as an interdisciplinary course, specifically to help guide personal understanding both of leadership responsibilities and leadership abilities. It is not intended only for individuals who aspire to positions of leadership or just for those who think they have what are normally considered “leadership” abilities. It is intended for anyone seeking to understand how to better be able to influence others for good, regardless of their profession, position, gifts, or calling.

BIBL 101 - Biblical Literature (4) with Kulli Toniste
Survey of the types of literature found in the Bible. Considers the origin of the biblical texts and canon; basic issues of interpretation (hermeneutics); and an outline of the history of Israel and of the New Testament church as a backdrop for the message. Literary, historical, and theological aspects of selected texts will be explored. This is a prerequisite for all Bible courses and THEL 209. Faith Foundation: Bible. 

EDUC 223 - Adolescent Literature (4) with Patricia Peperato Preston
Students will read and analyze a variety of literature of interest to adolescents with an eye toward understanding adolescents and their place in society, developing criteria for evaluating adolescent literature, and exploring current trends in this literature for adolescents, including developmental, aesthetic, and cultural considerations. Attention will be given to international and multicultural literature, as well as to literary criticism of young adult literature. Satisfies Education major or minor requirement.

EQST 328 - Horse Show Judging (2) with Joanne Young
Lectures and field trips incorporating judging assignments for learners; understanding the duties of the judge; using good judging to educate riders. Prerequisites: HRSM 276 and HRSM 325 or permission. Satisfies Equestrian Studies minor requirement and Recreation major requirement with Equestrian option.

SPAN 311 - Hispanic World Current Affairs (4) with Marlene Collins-Blair
Discussion of key topics and current debates and culture issues in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea through non-literary texts and other media, including cinema, art, television, radio, the Internet, and popular music. Students will develop their oral and written skills in Spanish, and build a cultural vocabulary and understanding. Prerequisites: SPAN 301 or permission of instructor. Satisfies Spanish or Intercultural Studies major requirement, Spanish minor requirement, Spanish concentration in Intercultural Studies, or Spanish Language, Culture & Linguistics concentration for the Inclusive Childhood Education major.

Who teaches Houghton's online summer courses?

All of Houghton's online courses are developed and taught by Houghton College residential or adjunct faculty, who are dedicated, experienced educators known for integrating their Christian faith with their outstanding scholarship, teaching and expertise. Houghton's online course content is designed and delivered to meet the same high standards as courses offered in our traditional classroom-based format.

If I'm a current Houghton student, will my online summer course credits count towards my Houghton degree?

As a current student, Houghton's online summer course credit is applicable toward your Houghton College degree. However, you are encouraged to work with your academic advisor to ensure that any summer course(s) you wish to take will help you to meet your major's specific curriculum requirements.

Are Houghton College's online summer course credits transferable to other institutions?

Houghton College is fully accredited and credits earned at Houghton, including online summer courses, will transfer to most other colleges and universities. The decision about transfer credits and their application to specific degree requirements, however, is the decision of the receiving institution. To be certain, it is advisable that you confirm this in advance with the institution to which you wish to transfer credit.


Who is eligible to take online summer courses at Houghton College?

Summer 2012 online courses are offered primarily to current Houghton College students. Non-Houghton students may enroll after applying and being accepted for admission to the college. 

How many online summer courses may I register for?

Because the average person should expect to invest a minimum of 15 hours per week per course, taking two online courses is the rough equivalent of a full-time job. Therefore, it is recommended that the student take no more than two online courses during the summer session.

How do I register?

Current Houghton College students

If you are currently enrolled at Houghton College, you will be eligible to register via Student Self Service (formerly IQ Web) from March 7-19, 2012. You may register through the Academic Records Office from March 7-June 4, 2012 via email (academicrecords@houghton.edu), phone (x3500 or 585-567-9350), or by visiting their Luckey Building office before 5pm ET.

Individuals who are not currently enrolled at Houghton College

Anyone who is not a current Houghton College student must apply for admission to the college using the Special Student Application. You can fill out the application online or you can print a PDF version out and send it via the post office, email, or fax to:

Houghton College
Office of Admission
P.O. Box 128
Houghton, NY 14744-0128
fax: 585-567-9522

It is important to note that all students must fulfill prerequisite course credits (or their transfer equivalencies) for those online summer courses that require them.


How much do online summer session courses cost? Are course material costs included?

Summer 2012 online courses are an affordable option, discounted heavily compared to the same courses offered during the academic year. The cost of each course will be $270.00 per credit hour.  There is no technology fee for summer online courses. The cost of textbooks and other course materials is incurred separately.

When is payment due for the online summer session?

Statements will be sent to students by May 4, 2012. You will be billed by the Houghton College Student Financial Services Office. You payment is due by June 1, 2012 1 by 5 pm ET.

What is Houghton's tuition refund policy for the online summer session?

Online Summer Session Refund Policy:

Refunds on all charges will be prorated on a per diem basis based on the academic calendar up to the 60 percent point in the term. There are no refunds after that time. Students withdrawing before the classes begin for a given term will receive a 100 percent refund of charges. A copy of the worksheet used for the refund calculation can be requested from Student Financial Services (email: financialaid@houghton.edu; phone: x3280 or 585-567-9328; or by visiting their Luckey Building office)

All requests for drops must be emailed to the Academic Records Office (academicrecords@houghton.edu ) by June 12, 2012 at 5 pm ET. All requests for withdrawals must be emailed to the Academic Records Office by July 10, 2012 at 5 pm ET. The date of the email determines the refund date used above. It is important to note that notifying an instructor does not constitute an official request to drop or withdraw from a course.

Does Houghton offer financial aid for summer session?

Institutional financial aid does not apply to online summer courses because of the deep pricing discounts offered. However, there may be federal financial assistance available in limited situations. Contact Student Financial Services (email: financialaid@houghton.edu; phone: x3280 or 585-567-9328; or by visiting their Luckey Building office) for more information. Note: free Mayterm does not apply since these are summer courses.


How do I purchase textbooks for online courses?

The textbooks for each course will be listed on the Campus Store website by March 15.  You may order the books through the website until May 15, 2012 to be delivered to your home.  If you decide to withdraw from your online course, textbooks purchased from the Campus Store are refundable according to the return policy (see below).

Online Course Textbook Return Policy:

Returns are only accepted if the student has dropped the online course.  Returns must be accompanied by the original receipt and received by June 24, 2012.  The customer is responsible for return shipping; initial shipping costs are non-refundable.  The book must arrive in the same condition in which it was originally purchased.  New books must be unmarked and show absolutely NO signs of use or wear (shrink-wrap intact, software unopened, etc.).

The Nature of Online Courses

What is the format of Houghton's online courses?

The core of Houghton College’s online courses is the creation of a dynamic learning community that is based on student engagement with each other and with a faculty member. Online discussion and collaboration using Moodle, the college’s course management system, are crucial elements in that engagement. Moodle will also be the main vehicle through which you will access class materials and assignments. The method of delivering tests and exams will vary from course to course, but many may be administered electronically through Moodle. (Note: Online courses will have the same letter grading scale as traditional classroom courses; the specific grading criteria for each course will be outlined in the course syllabus.) You will apply your skills at independent learning as you perform research using the extensive array of online databases offered by the Willard J. Houghton Library.

What technology skills are required for online courses?

Students who enroll in an online course must have basic computer skills including a working knowledge of word processing, e-mail, and internet usage. You must have access to a computer, the Internet, a web browser, and other software and hardware configuration as described below.

If you are a new student not previously enrolled at Houghton, you will receive a Houghton College computer account upon acceptance for summer online study, which will give you access to Houghton's e-mail system (Googlemail), student portal (IQWeb) and the course management system  that will facilitate your online experience (Moodle). Current Houghton College students taking online courses will continue to use their established computer account.

Do I need a special login to access library resources and Moodle?

If you are a current Houghton College student, you will already have a network login that will enable you to access library databases and Moodle (course management system). However, if that is not the case -- and you have registered for an online course -- then you will have to create a student account. You will create your login credentials and be given a Houghton College email address.

Note: if you are a non-Houghton student and want to use another email address for Moodle, please contact Glen Avery (glen.avery@houghton.edu) to make the change in your Moodle profile.

What library services are available to online students?

Online students have access to many services available to residential students. You may use the online databases to obtain full text articles and a selection of electronic books. You may request items from the physical collection to be sent to your home address. You may also take advantage of Houghton College's interlibrary loan service (although a local library's interlibrary loan service will by default be much quicker for you). You may wish to visit the Library Services web page for more detail and for relevant forms.

What are Houghton's technology requirements for online courses?

Internet Connection

High speed DSL or broadband cable required.


Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher; IE 7.0 or higher.   

Operating System Version:

Windows® XP (recommended), Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, - Mac OS 10.4 or higher.

Desktop Processor (CPU):

Pentium 4 at 2.0 GHz or faster

Laptop Processor (CPU):

Centrino (or Centrino Duo) 1.5 GHz or faster

Memory (RAM):

Windows® XP: 512 MB or more, Windows® Vista: 1024 MB or more, Windows® 7: 1024 MB or more, or Mac OS: 1024 MB or more

Hard Disk Space:

40 GB or more of free space

CD-ROM/CD-RW drive:

(DVD or combo drive helpful)

Any Office Suite:

Examples include Microsoft Office 2007 or newer, OpenOffice 3.1, or Google Docs

Some courses may require additional software and/or hardware as it pertains to the instruction of the course. These additional requirements will be clearly spelled out in the course syllabi.

What technical support do I have available to me while I take my online course?

For questions related to Moodle, you can contact the Houghton College Helpdesk (585-567-9349, 8am - 12 noon and 1:00 - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday; helpdesk@houghton.edu). You will also have access to support documents via this web site and helps within the Moodle course management system.

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