A Christian College of the Liberal Arts & Sciences

Integrative Studies Goals and Outcomes

The Houghton faculty established the position of Director of Integrative Studies and an elected Integrative Studies committee to express our commitment to liberal arts in ways that would meet the following goals:

  • To give integrative studies (general education) standing that is equal with other parts of the students' academic curricula.
  • To bring cohesion, sequence, and identity to the integrative studies curriculum, making it a distinctive of Houghton College.
  • To provide avenues of oversight, assessment, and innovation for the integrative studies curriculum and its faculty.
  • To foster interdisciplinary cooperation within the integrative studies curriculum.
  • To accomplish this by focusing on physical, emotional, social, cognitive, moral, and faith development as well as on integration of multiple disciplines, of values and faith with learning, and of theory and history with praxis.

Through its integrative studies curriculum, Houghton College seeks to prepare students for growth as Christian persons and for responsible, effective participation in their culture and society as constructive critics.  To these ends, Houghton College strives to develop students' competence in five fundamental respects:

  • Houghton students will develop a reasoned, mature understanding of the Christian faith, and gain experience in putting that faith into action through study and service.
  • Houghton students will acquire the skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.  Of central importance in this respect are skills in critical thinking, moral reasoning, effective speaking/listening, and effective writing/reading.
  •  Houghton students will acquire familiarity with fundamental concepts, principles and methods of the basic fields of knowledge common to liberally educated persons, which may be subdivided under three broad headings: humanities, arts, and sciences.
  • With respect to Houghton's integrative studies curriculum, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Accordingly, Houghton students will not merely acquire breadth of understanding in a wide range of fields, but will acquire an appreciation of the connections among the various areas of learning, and between the various academic disciplines and the world of experience.
  • Houghton students will couple depth of awareness of their own cultural heritage with an appreciation of cultural traditions other than their own, thereby enhancing their ability to engage in cross-cultural dialogue.

For goals and outcomes related to specific areas of study, see Requirements