Integrative Studies Lectures and Presentations

The Integrative Studies committee sponsors periodic lectures and presentations relevant to the aims of the department. Check the department main page and the college calendar for more information about upcoming events.

Among these has been a regular Integrative Studies Lecture delivered by a selected Houghton faculty member, along with responses from selected colleagues. Previous lectures include:

  • 2008: On Giving Intelligent Design Theorists What They Say They Want
    by W. Christopher Stewart (Philosophy); Carl Schultz (Bible) and Brandon Hoffman (Physics), respondents
  • 2007: Tribal Gods: Religious-National Myths, by Meic Pearse (History); Jonathan Case (Theology), Kulli Toniste (Bible), respondents
  • 2004: Toward an Urban Spirituality: Lessons from Thirteenth Century Urban Italy for the Twenty-First Century Urban Global Church, by A. Cameron Airhart (History); Richard Eckley (Theology), Theodore Murphy (Art), and Ronald Oakerson (Political Science), respondents
  • 2003: Why Are Some Nations Rich and Others Poor?: Informal Institutions and Economic Progress, by Robert Black (Economics); Carl Schultz (Bible) and Jeffrey Moore (Business), respondents
  • 2002: Dancin’ With the Gal What Brung Ya: A Christian Perspective on Loyalty, by Peter Meilaender (Political Science); Connie Finney (Education) and Bradley Beach (Philosophy), respondents
  • 2001: Why can't I see God's image in my mirror?, by James Schwartz (Education); Linda Mills Woolsey (English) and Jameson Kurasha (Philosophy), respondents
  • 2001 (second lecture): Math rescues faith from the intimidation of reason, by Richard Jacobsen (Mathematics); Terence Paige (Bible) and Carlton Fisher (Philosophy), respondents
  • 2000: What Kind of Music is Jesus Composing?, by Mark Hijleh (Music); Richard Eckley (Theology) and Kristine Hess (Art student), respondents
  • 1999: Distinct but Not Separate: Faith and Learning in the Social Sciences, by Richard Perkins (Sociology); Richard Eckley (Theology) and Paul Young (Psychology), respondents
  • 1998: Dinosaur Religion and Religion as Dinosaur: The Encounter of Science and Faith in Genesis 1, by Carl Schultz (Bible); John Leax (English) and James Marcum (Biology), respondents
  • 1997: Interpretations of Tribe against Tribe Violence, by Karen Cianci (Biology); Douglas Gaerte (Communications) and Carl Schultz (Bible), respondents
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