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The Woolsey Lectures in Theology and Culture

The Woolsey Lectures in Theology and Culture are named in honor of Warren M. Woolsey, former Bible professor of Houghton College. This annual event was conceived after a friend of Houghton College, Mary Randall Stewart, bequeathed a generous gift in honor of her mother, Margaret Hayes Randall.

2013 Lectures

Monday, November 18, 2013
presented by Dr. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung 

Full Schedule:

10:00 am
Seven Deadly Sins overview with Mike Walters (L323)

11:30 am
Chapel Lecture: "The Seven Capital Vices and Spiritual Formation"

Habits are powerful in all areas of the Christian life, and the seven deadly sins (or capital vices) can have pervasive influence in shaping our character.  Likewise, spiritual disciplines, empowered by the grace and inner working of the Holy Spirit, can conform us to the likeness and virtuous character of Christ (Colossians 3).

Following Chapel
Lunch opportunity with Dr. DeYoung 

3:00 pm
Q&A Opportunity with Dr. DeYoung (L323)
sponsored by church relations 

7:00 pm
Evening Lecture: “When Image is Everything: The Vice of Vainglory” (Center for the Fine Arts Auditorium)

Vainglory is an ancient and unfamiliar name for a vice with a very familiar face.  One of the original eight capital vices (later known as the seven deadly sins), vainglory is the excessive attachment to (or desire for) the attention and approval of others.  Our social nature as rational animals and image bearers of a triune God mean that recognition from others is a great human good, as is evidenced by everything from attachment theory to the damage we observe in forms of neglect.  Vainglory is "glory-seeking gone wrong": the attempt to secure this recognition for ourselves, and in a variety of disordered ways.  There are various forms of vainglory--from seeing glory in vain things, or for vain ends (those that lack reference to the glory of God).  What are some ways to “remedy” vainglory and foster a culture of “good glory"?

Reception to follow (Center for the Fine Arts Atrium)