Roger E. Olson

2012 Woolsey Lectures

Roger E. Olson was our speaker for the 2012 Woolsey Lectures in Theology and Culture on Monday, November 12. 


Chapel Lecture with Roger Olson
“Grace: Gift & Task”11:30 am

Much is heard these days about 'the doctrines of grace'--shorthand for a theology of God's absolute sovereignty. However, both the Apostle Paul and John Wesley emphasized our human responsibility to accept and grow in grace. "Evangelical Synergism" is the often unknown alternative to Reformed theology. It emphasizes relationship as the heart of salvation and the Christian life.

Evening Lecture with Dr. Olson
“A Christian Humanist Manifesto: God Is Most Satisfied with Us when We Are Most Glorified by Him”:  7:30 pm

Humanism is not a dirty word. The original humanism was Christian and true humanism still is. The Apostle Paul and John Wesley emphasized God's desire and plan to glorify his human creatures. Christian humanism emphasizes that 'the glory of God is humans fully alive'.