Natural Science and Mathematics at Houghton

Real science

At Houghton, you’ll experience science first-hand. Our teaching is designed around experiential learning to help you gain the most from your studies.  You won’t just learn science, you’ll do science. Over the last 3 years, science and math faculty and students have authored over 100 publications and external presentations.

Deep faith

Houghton prepares scientists and mathematicians who exhibit excellence in technology, research and communication and who also have a deep Christian faith. Houghton graduates are equipped as leaders to bring both spiritual and physical healing around the world.

Exceptional outcomes

Our approach to science and mathematics education works. Our graduates are routinely accepted by top graduate schools including The Johns Hopkins University, Purdue, University of Rochester, Penn State, Cornell, Harvard and Dartmouth. Over 3,000 Houghton math and science alumni serve around the globe as cardiologists, epidemiologists, dentists, chemists, veterinarians, engineers, mathematicians, teachers, ecologists, nurses, physician assistants, and physical therapists. Over 80% of Houghton students who apply to medical school have been accepted.


  • Math and science faculty hold Ph.D.'s from major research institutions like MIT, Cornell and UC San Diego.
  • Innovative problem-driven Science Honors program for first-year students.
  • In the past two years natural science and math faculty have authored over 80 publications and external presentations more than half of which were co-authored by students.
  • 95% of Houghton students receive financial aid; scholarships are available specifically for science and math students.




^Major can also be taken as a concentration for an education major