Houghton in Tanzania


An intensive 12 week semester offering the unique opportunity to experience life in an African context.  Students are exposed to Africa on a broad front including history, anthropology, environment, languages, politics, and religion. Students will see needs and evaluate them in the light of their Christian beliefs. Extended trips away from Iringa Houghton campus site include nearby game reserves and Wahehe and Maasai tribal villages.


Each spring semester: late January through late April

Courses and Credits

12-18 hours. Options for major and integrative studies with courses such as:

  • *SOC 293 East African Culture – 4 hours
  • *ANTH/SOC 315 Human Ecology – 4 hours
  • *BIOL 207 Wildlife Behavior – 4 hours
  • INCL/INTR 311 Intercultural Experience – 4 hours
  • MISS 395 Missions in Africa – 2 hours
  • LING 146 Conversational Swahili – 4 hours
  • LING 106 Introductory Swahili – 0 or 2 hours

* Required courses.

Optional courses may not be offered every year.


  • Minimum 2.75 GPA.
  • Juniors and Sophomores preferred. Seniors also accepted.
  • Passport current beyond program end.
  • By application only.


Rugged camp-like facilities at Houghton's Iringa, Tanzania, 200-acre site. Sleep in rustic cabins. Group hall for lectures, meals, study. Solar and hydro-power, good water supply and facilities. Field trips to game reserves, historical sites, and villages.


Houghton tuition plus fees and travel. Houghton financial aid applies for Houghton students.

Non-Houghton Students are responsible to check with their school regarding financial aid and billing.


We are now accepting applications for Tanzania 2019.  For non-Houghton students, please check with your Study Abroad or appropriate office, for your home school procedures as you apply to Houghton in Tanzania.

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Dr. Eli Knapp

For More Information

Contact Director above or the Off-Campus Programs Office:
OCS@houghton.edu or (585) 567-9634

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