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Course Descriptions

Community and Society in Australia and New Zealand

  • 4 credits

Examines social institutions in urban Australia and New Zealand.  Analyzes social problems and institutional and community responses by churches and faith-based organizations, compares them with those of governments, no-government organizations and prosocial community organizations. Major/minor credit: Ministry, missions, urban ministry, psychology, sociology.  Possible credit IS: Community.

Art and Music in Australia and New Zealand

  • 4 credits   

Art, architecture, and music in context in Australia and New Zealand.  Examines the interactions of Western and indigenous cultural styles and the influence of local and national conditions on the arts.  Readings, journal-keeping, and questions pertaining to site-specific works are required.  Major credit: Art, Intercultural Studies.  Possible IS: Culture.

Australian and New Zealand Culture through Film       

  • 4 credits   

Since creating the first feature-length film in the world, Australian film-makers have examined themselves, their culture, their environment, and their interactions with the rest of the world in varied and distinctive ways, often with a gloss of revealing humor.  Through the films studied in this class, students will be introduced to the diversity of Australia and New Zealand culture, from pre-historical aboriginal and Maori to postmodern.  Major credit: Intercultural Studies, Sociology, Psychology.  Possible credit: IS Community.

Engaging Australian and New Zealand Culture

  • 4 credits

Reading history, literature, and cultural analysis of the various cultures of Australia and New Zealand will combine with relating to locales and people through study, discussion and service projects.  Incorporates travel and involvement in local cultural activities.  Elective Credit; Major Credit:  Intercultural Studies.

Australian Literature

  • 3 credits

Studies the diversity of Australian literary traditions and texts in light of Australian critical approaches such as post-colonial theory and other cultural study models.

Walking for Wellness

  • 0, .5, or 1 credit

Physical coordination and conditioning; basic skills; appreciation for physical activity and lifetime fitness in Christian life.  IS Health and Wellness: Point 4, Outdoor Activity.