CCCU Programs

American Studies Program

Dates: Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
Location: Washington, D.C.
Overview: The American Studies Program (ASP) integrates faith, learning about government policy, and living through internships, classes/seminars on contemporary issues and policy, think tanks, and cultural institutions. Teachers include ASP faculty, Washington policy experts, federal agency executives, and White House officials. Through concentrated biblical reflection and rigorous educational experiences the Program challenges students to view the lordship of Christ in a fresh perspective.

China Studies Program

Dates: Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
Location: Xiamen, China
Overview: The China Studies Program (CSP) enables students to view China from the inside, to experience its culture and its diversities. Participants observe the evolution of "socialism with Chinese characteristics," and China's struggles with rapid modernization and social change. In addition, CSP students confront the misunderstandings that have existed between China and the West from each side of that divide. This happens through formal classes and study tours, but especially by meeting and interacting informally with Chinese undergraduates on campus.

Contemporary Music Center

Dates: Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
Location: Nashville, Tennessee 
Overview: The Contemporary Music Center (CMC) offers the opportunity to spend a semester studying, praying, living and working with faculty, music industry experts and other students who share interest in making and marketing contemporary music. Participate in hours and hours of hands-on experience, plus lectures, seminars, directed study and an intensive field experience in Nashville.

Latin American Studies Program

Dates: Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Overview: Excellent for Spanish, history, political science, international studies and other students. Study Latin American economics, culture, politics, and faith during seventeen weeks of travel, study and service. Includes home stay, language study, two-week service projects, and travel to other Central American sites. Concentrations in Latin American Studies, Advanced Language and Literature, International Business: Management and Marketing, and Environmental Science are available. Expect diversity of outlooks: religious (Catholic, pentecostal, evangelical, etc), geo-political, economic, and cultural. (Our own Dr. Chamberlain's son, Anthony, is the LASP director.)

Los Angeles Film Studies Program

Dates: Offered each Fall and Spring
Location: Los Angeles, California
Overview: Students are exposed to a true "behind-the-scenes" look at the workings of Hollywood film-making, yet at the same time are a part of Christian-based program committed to understanding what it means to be "salt and light" in this unique and powerful industry. The entire experience of classes, internships, and Christian fellowship provides the student with an opportunity to test his or her interests in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Middle East Studies Program

Dates: Offered each Fall and Spring
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Overview: The Middle East Studies Program seeks to prepare students to live the Christian life in a world that is religiously and culturally pluralistic. The 13-week adventure includes studying Arabic language, and exploring Middle Eastern culture, history, economics, political conflicts, and religions. Weekly hands-on work projects and travel to Israel and Palestine. It is a strong program for international studies, history and political science majors.

Oxford Summer Programme

Dates: Approximately 3rd week of June to 3rd week of July
Location: Oxford, England
Overview: The Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) allows students, as affiliate members of Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, to do intensive scholarship in the oldest university in the English speaking world. Students hone their research and writing skills and delve into the areas that interest them most while exploring the relationship between Christianity and the development of the British Isles.
Seminars and tutorials are given on specialized topics under expert Oxford academics in the areas of English language and literature, history, including the history of art and history of science, philosophy, theology and the study of religion. The programme is structured for rising college sophomores, juniors, and seniors, graduate and seminary students, non-traditional students, teachers, and those enrolled in continuing education programs. Participants earn 6 credits for their work during the five week programme.

To learn more and see a list of seminar options, visit Best Semester.

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