Houghton Opportunities

Houghton In Tanzania

An intensive, 12-week semester offering the unique opportunity to experience life as most Africans themselves experience it, to be exposed to Africa on a broad front including history, anthropology, environment, languages-Swahili, politics and religion. Students will see needs and evaluate them in the light of their Christian beliefs. Extended trips away from Iringa Houghton campus site (Tanzania) include nearby game relationshiperves and Wahehe and Maasai tribal villages.

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Go ED - A Partnership Transformational Initiatives

Go ED is a life-changing experience that will forever alter how you view the world and your place in it. Two options are available: A semester in East Africa or a semester in Thailand.  Both include area related courses and 4-week practicum of hands-on data collection and/or field experience with various NGOs.

 Houghton College has a special affiliation with this program. For more details, contact Houghton's Off-Campus Programs Office.

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East Meets West (Honors at Houghton)

 Houghton College's East Meets West, combines an integrated curriculum with an international experience. East Meets West involves selected first-year students in an in-depth study of Western culture.

Students remain on the Houghton campus during the spring semester and travel to Eastern Europe for May Term. This course of study combines history, literature, Christianity, and politics with a focus on the relationship between the "East" (Eastern Europe), the "Middle East," and the "West." The student will take 12 hours on-campus (with the option to take another course), and three hours during Mayterm in Eastern Europe.

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London Honors

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s great capitals with Houghton’s honors semester in London. Spend the spring semester of your first year abroad with experienced faculty and a group of thoughtful and motivated friends: reading great texts from Martin Luther to contemporary philosophy and social theory, studying art and architecture from Da Vinci to the latest conceptual art, and interacting with a city that draws from every corner of the globe.

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Mayterm and Summer Opportunities

Recent Mayterm and summer trips have included the following. For information on current and future Mayterm and Summer trips contact the Off-Campus Studies Office.

Summer: International Business Institute.

 The Houghton College Business Department has a working relationship with this program that offers students a chance to ear 12 credits while being exposed to a global perspective on business.  Get more information »

May 2015 Study Opportunities

  • London:  The Great War 1914-1922 — History (Profesor Airhart)
  • Art & Business in New York  — Business and Communication (Professors Cooley and Bates)
  •  Ecology of Alaska — Biology (Professor Wolfe) 
  • Foundations of Health Development -- International Development (Professor Kiiti)
  • Ornithology: Houghton and Arizona — Biology (Professor Knapp)
  • Scuba Diving in Honduras — Recreation (Professor Kettelkamp)
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