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Experience the World

At Houghton, more than half our students experience the world through off campus study.

For students, this is far more than an excursion. It’s a way to take what you’re learning – political science, intercultural studies, theology, business, medicine – and apply it in a new context.

Plenty of colleges have off-campus trips. Our programs are built into your curriculum so that you not only graduate on schedule, but return to campus with a new sense of purpose and an ignited imagination.

55% of Houghton students study off campus before they graduate.

Houghton sponsored programs

From Tanzania to London, Alaska to New York City, Houghton faculty and students study across the US and around the globe. 

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Houghton Programs

Houghton in Tanzania
London Honors
East Meets West Honors
Arctic Studies

Top CCCU Programs

American Studies
Contemporary Music Center
Latin American Studies
Middle Eastern Studies
Los Angeles Film Studies

Mayterm Programs

Art & Architecture in europe
Mayterm in Alaska
Ornithology in Costa Rica
Development in Sierra Leone
Art & Business in NYC