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Our liberal arts learning style is more than multi-subject mastery; it's the cultivation of sharp-minded, compassionate and courageous individuals. You'll learn to draw connections between seemingly disparate areas, and why these connections matter. At Houghton, you'll learn from top-notch professors who aim not to simply communicate information, but to promote innovative thought. They won't teach you what to think; they'll teach you how to think.

"What I received at Houghton was a mindset - a way of thinking and observing that changed everything in my world. I learned to ask questions and not be afraid of the answers, or the lack of answers. Houghton has instilled an eternal sense of curiosity in my mind."

Rochelle Cecil, English, communication

At Houghton, we don't just want you to learn; we want you to be transformed. Our graduates walk out the chapel doors possessing more than a diploma, they have a renewed mindset, a love for learning, and an eagerness to impact the world for Christ.

Academic Programs

At Houghton we offer more than 70 areas of study. Whether you zero in on chemistry, art education, communication, or a combination of disciplines, we inspire you to think deeper and reach higher than you ever imagined.

"You want to be challenged, right?"

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