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Upcoming Science & Math Colloquium

Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Time: 12:00 -12:50 pm
Place: South End Dining Room
Speaker: José-L. Gilner, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at SUNY ESF 

Title: Imitating the Chemistry of Nature: Biomemetic Synthesis of an Antiviral Compound and a Natural Insecticide

Abstract: Consideration of the biosynthesis of natural products can lead to improved methods in chemical synthesis. A hypothetical mechanism for the biochemical formation of an antiviral drug found in a marine sponge led to the discovery of an efficient way to prepare orthoesters, a rare but important functional group.  Applications of this reaction will be presented in the synthesis of a natural insecticide from petunias. Mechanistic studies involving C-13 NMR with O-18 labeling will be presented, as well as some general synthetic applications of  this new biomimetic reaction.

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