Highlander Wilderness Adventure

REC 109

The Highlander Wilderness Adventure program is more than just an adventure trip! It is a 2 credit hour course available only to incoming freshman and transfer students.

  • The program runs during the last two weeks of August; just prior to the beginning of the first day of Fall classes.
  • This unique program will stretch the person physically, socially and spiritually.
  • Emphasis is placed upon problem-solving, group interaction and personal reflection, all while living and trekking in the outdoors.
  • This program is designed for the average student. No previous outdoor experience is necessary, but at the same time, the most experienced outdoor adventurer should find it challenging and rewarding.
  • Program activities include: ropes initiatives course, backpacking, canoeing, rock-climbing, a solo experience and a 5 mile "marathon".

The H.W.A. goals are that the participants will:

  • Experience joy after hardship.
  • Learn skills that build self-confidence.
  • Develop a network of close friends before school starts.
  • Hone problem-solving skills.
  • Look inward to self, outward to others and upwards to God.

The H.W.A. program is intended to be a catalyst for the Highlander process - a process of growth, challenge, and discipleship which finds its beginning long before the program itself and is expected to continue for a lifetime.

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Registration is now open for Fall 2015.

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