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Student Employment Opportunities

A campus job is a great way to earn money as well as gain valuable experience. Below are some descriptions of types of jobs by department that are available on campus in a number of different departments.

While the following are a sampling of potential opportunities, we encourage you to login to Handshake using your Houghton username and password to see a list of current on campus job opportunities. Click on Jobs/Job type/On Campus Student Employment

For information on these and other campus employment opportunities, please contact the VOCA center.


The Admissions Office has a wide array of positions available to students. Telecounselors must have a good outlook on Houghton College, and be able to articulate their experience as a Houghton College student, and must also have a good work ethic and be able to work independently without much direct supervision. Good articulation and being well-spoken and comfortable talking on the phone are requirements. These positions are reserved for upper-class students (sophomore, junior, and senior) who have attended Houghton for at least two semesters

Admission Counselor Interns share the same requirements with Telecounselors, with the addition of being able to be versatile, able to adjust to varying work responsibilities, and have excellent organization skills.

Admission Reception Intern must possess exceptional communication, public relations and customer service skills. Applicants must be able to multi task, and good character traits for the job include being friendly, dependable and prompt.


Advancement Services Team primarily spends their time making database updates, working on mailings, and making thank you calls to donors and other supporters of Houghton College. These positions require experience working with excel or other databases, attention to detail and accuracy, and communication skills. Data entry experience is preferred.

Phonathon callers spend 6 weeks per semester calling alumni, friends, parents, etc. of the College to ask for donations to the Student Scholarship Fund.   The skills that are needed would include: ability to talk on the phone, ability to communicate with different segments of people, attention to detail, data entry, respectful, friendly, motivated, ability to think on your feet, etc.


There are a number of different types of employment opportunities in the Athletic Department for students to take advantage of. Student proctors are hired in supervisory roles in both the Nielsen Center as well as the KPFH (Kerr-Pegula Field House). Beyond general proctor positions, Weight Room Proctors are also hired to supervise the weight rooms in both facilities.

Athletics also hires student to help manage intramural sports events. Intramural Supervisors and Officials are somewhat sport specific (relative to the intramural sports we offer). The IM supervisors handle the logistics of setting up for intramural events and recording results.

General Event Staff positions are also available. These are staff positions for helping with special events in the facilities (parking, security, set-up, tear-down, etc.)


The Campus Store offers students retail experience and a possibility of promotion to management responsibilities. The job of a student employee is to assist the contract staff in the daily operations of the Campus Store. Among other responsibilities, students employees will be required to perform general cashiering responsibilities accurately and efficiently, greet and assist customers as they enter, peruse, and exit the store, monitor inventory, stock shelves, and clean where needed. They will also provide additional assistance at the Campus Store during special events including, but not limited to, book rush, finals week, and Homecoming

The job of the student manager is to assume the responsibilities within the store of a contract staff member at designated times. This includes, but is not limited to, oversight of the Campus Store, supervision of a student employee, and authority to make limited decisions. In addition, the student manager will perform closing duties at least one evening a week and is available for occasional weekend duties, help receive orders in the POS system at times, prices, and stocks incoming merchandise, delegate tasks to a student employee as needed among other managerial duties.


CASA is continually hiring Student Tutors for one-on-one sessions, small groups, as well as large groups. Undergraduate peer tutoring jobs are available and needed within every area of academics at Houghton.

Prerequisites include high level performance in the course they are to tutor, professor recommendation, good interpersonal skills, and time-management.

For more information about tutoring positions, please visit Kristen Sanasith in Chamberlain 222 or email


The Custodial Department at Houghton College offers many opportunities for student employment. General cleaning and mintenance of the facilities and grounds are needed year round.


Library Work Study Positions (for both main and music libraries) provide service at the circulation desk, perform shelf maintenance (shelving/shelf-reading materials), assist with interlibrary loan and mailings, enter bibliographic data, and process and/or mend books. These positions require detail and service-oriented workers. Previous library experience is helpful, but not required. While the number of hours varies per person/assigned tasks, there are day, evening, and weekend hours are available.


Metz offers student positions in the Dining Hall in a number of different roles, and offers students a chance for promotion as well. Metz also offers a small number of internships on a semesterly basis.


The Student Assistant to Administrative Assistant must be able to pay attention to detail, have interpersonal communication skills (telephone and one-on-one), and be able to maintain confidentiality.  While not required, it is helpful that the applicant be knowledgeable about the campus in general. Chapel Scanners monitor scanners at chapel services on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The Head Chapel Scanner loads chapel scans onto computer and transfers data to the appropriate database, enters in misc. chapel attendances manually, and distributes and collects time cards for other chapel scanners making sure they are signed and completed.


Campus Tour Guides must enjoy working with people and possess strong interpersonal communication skills. This includes the ability to engage in conversations with campus visitors in a professional and courteous manner. An ability to learn and process pertinent tour information on a regular basis is also a must.

Visit Office Interns also must enjoy working with people and have strong interpersonal communication skills. These positions also require attention to detail, good organizational skills, and a professional and courteous manner.

Visit Office Drivers must have the ability to follow directions, have flexibility of schedule, and communication, public relations and customer service skills. A clean driver’s license and college fleet certification are also required.

Houghton Hosts commit to hosting overnight guests and spending quality time with them for a great overnight experience in a residence hall. Gift of hospitality along with flexibility, communication and customer service skills are requirements for this opportunity. Good character traits for this position include being outgoing, friendly, dependable and organized.

All positions must have a positive attitude toward Houghton College and be willing to invest themselves in prospective students and their families. They must also view themselves as part of the Admission Team.

VOCA (Vocational Opportunities and Career Advising) CENTER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

VOCA offers a number of student work positions per semester. Primary responsibilities include reviewing peer resumes, scheduling appointments for counselors, maintining and VOCA email and social media accounts, and data collection and analyzation.

 For information on these and other campus employment opportunities, please contact the VOCA center.