Transitions 102/104: Succeeding at Houghton

All incoming students are enrolled in Transitions 102 (for first-year students) or Transitions 104 (for transfer students) upon starting the course selection process (see enclosed instructions). Transitions 102/104 encompasses both online pre-orientation resources as well as a course that all new students will take upon arriving at Houghton.

Participation in Transitions 102/104 is required and the goals of the course are to allow you to get to know other incoming students, connect with resources across campus, and provide assistance as you prepare to start your Houghton journey.

What is Transitions 102/104?

As the course title describes, Transitions is a course designed to prepare you for success at Houghton. Through our online resources, you will be able to track your progress submitting required documents and forms, connect with fellow incoming students, get to know your Transitions 102/104 leader, and so much more. When you think of questions you have about starting at Houghton – look to Transitions 102/104 this summer for answers.

How do I begin the course?

  • Retrieve your Houghton email account (look for an email from sent to the email address that you supplied to the Office of Admission during the application process).
  • Start the course selection process (see enclosed instructions).
  • Once you have begun the course selection process, you will be added to Transitions 102/104. You will be notified of when you can access the course.
  • You can visit and use your Houghton username (the portion before the and password to log in. 

What happens next?

As you move through the resources available on Moodle, you will notice check boxes which will help you track your progress. For example, when we receive your Confidential Medical Report Form, you will receive a 100% completion grade which will let you know the Health Center received and processed your paperwork.

You can check back to Moodle for updates or reference. There is also some great information to share with your family available at the bottom of the Moodle site. Once you have completed the entire portion of Transitions 102/104 through Moodle, be sure to check your Houghton College email for a coupon for the Houghton Campus Store that can be redeemed online.  

Beginning your first semester, Transitions 102/104 will be a face-to-face class which will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 AM.  The syllabus and assignments will be available through the same Transitions 102/104 Moodle site.

Transitions 102/104 Online Pre-Orientation is a good place to start if you have any questions and it is filled with additional contact information for campus resources and offices. We are glad to help guide you through the days leading up to your arrival on campus!