Application Instructions and Documents

In order to have your application for admission reviewed by the Admission Committee, the following items must be submitted. 

First-year students

  1. Application
  2. Personal Statement
  3. High school transcript
  4. Recommendation
  5. SAT/ACT/CLT (recommended, see our testing policy)

If you have completed courses through a college or university, please send official college transcripts sent to Houghton.

Transfer students

  1. Application
  2. Personal Statement
  3. High school transcript*
  4. College transcript
  5. Recommendation
  6. SAT/ACT/CLT (optional)

*If you are a transfer student and have already earned a college degree (BA, BS, AA, AS) you are not required to submit a high school transcript. All other transfers are required to send an official high school transcript.

Music majors

In addition to submitting the required documents for first-year of transfer students listed above, music majors must submit the following, as well:

International Students

Citizens of countries other than the United States and Canada have some special application instructions.

Applying instructions for International Students..

Returning Students

  Returning Students” – Have you previously enrolled as a full-time on-campus student, completed 1 or more semesters on campus, and are looking to return to Houghton? If so, please fill out our Request to Return form.

Re-Applying to Houghton

Have you previously been admitted to Houghton, decided not to enroll, and are now re-thinking things? We don’t blame you. Simply complete our re-application form and send us any new transcripts from colleges you’ve attended since last applying.

Re-Applying to Houghton

Part-time Students

If you wish to apply as a part-time student or to take a Mayterm or Summer course, you must fill out our Special Student Application

Community Covenant

As part of your application to Houghton College, you will be asked to abide by a Community Covenant regarding behavior and conduct while at Houghton.

View the Community Covenant »