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Applying & Becoming a Student

Visa & Crossing the Border

The thought of going to a different country for school can be an overwhelming one. Our Admission and Intercultural Programs Offices help dozens of students cross borders to study at Houghton each year.

All international students, including Canadians, are issued an I-20 student visa, as required by U.S. Immigration. Houghton will handle the necessary paperwork and mail your I-20 the summer prior to your enrollment. We are happy to address any concerns you may have with crossing the border.

Canadian students are also able to work in an array of on-campus jobs while enrolled at Houghton.

Intercultural Student Programs Office (ISPO)

One resource that is available to all Canadian students is the Intercultural Student Programs Office (ISPO). The ISPO exists to help international students, MKs, and TCKs adjust to life at Houghton, as well as to provide cultural, social, educational, and spiritual programs for Houghton's intercultural population. While the differences between U.S. and Canadian culture are much smaller than other international cultural differences, there are still some cultural gaps to bridge. The ISPO aims to help Canadian students make a successful transition to living and studying in the U.S. For more information visit the ISPO webpage.