Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)

This is the Houghton advantage: graduating with financial confidence from a top-ranked institution of Christian higher education.

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Houghton College is the first college or university in the entire eastern United States to offer a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) to all new students. Offered through a partnership with the LRAP Foundation, this program covers up to 100% of all federal, private, and parent PLUS loans at no cost to the student or parent.

What does “loan repayment assistance” mean?

  • The LRAP is designed to assist or completely repay a student’s loans after graduation when he or she earns less than $38,000.

Who is eligible?

  • All new first-year students and qualified transfer students entering Houghton in Fall 2015
  • Students must be a U.S. citizen or qualify for Title IV financial aid

What are the eligibility requirements for loan repayment assistance?

  • The student must graduate from Houghton
  • The graduate must work at least 30 hours a week at minimum wage
  • The graduate must work in the United States
  • The graduate must earn less than $38,000 a year

Repayment assistance will continue until their income rises above $38,000 or they no longer meet the other qualifying criteria.

What loans are covered for repayment?

  • All federal student loans
  • Private educational loans
  • Parent PLUS loans

Frequently asked questions

  • What if the graduate is married?  How does repayment work then?
  • How about stay at home parents?
  • What if I want to work overseas after I graduate?
  • What if I go to graduate school?

These are all questions we’ve thought of and have answers for.  Please contact us with your questions and we will be happy to provide answers.

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