Houghton College Endowed Scholarships

Area-of-Residence Scholarships

Arlin Scholarship (Central New York)
Howard and Helen Barney (Whitesville)
The Bezalel Award
Ruth L. Bergen Scholarship (Western New York)
Madolin C. Walchli Bliss Scholarship (Bolivar, then Wellsville)
Byrd and Eva K. Bohannan Scholarship for Canadian Students (Ontario, Canada)
Houghton College Foundation of Canada Scholarship
Kenneth and Phyllis Canary Scholarship (Adirondack Region)
Jesse Crowder Jr. Scholarship (Chesapeake Wesleyan)
Dayton Champlain District Scholarship
Chester and Marjean Dayton Scholarship (Champlain District)
Emerson Foundation Scholarship (Central NY)
Finger Lakes Chapter Scholarship
Rose and Genevieve Galuteria Scholarship (Hawaiian or international)
H. Vernon and Marjorie W. Gibby Scholarship (Arcade)
Frieda and Mildred Gillette Scholarship (international student)
Haskinville Scholarship
Clarence W. Hillman Memorial Scholarship (Pioneer High School)
Ingham Scholarship (Hume and Allegany County)
Joseph A. Kemp Scholarship (Pioneer High School)
Sarah McLeod Scholarship (Appalachia)
Gladys M. Moll Endowed Scholarship (Wayne County)
William and Hildred Presley Scholarship (North Country of NYS)
Robinson Scholarship (West Chazy)
Royce Scholarship (Richburg and Bolivar)
RVG Scholarship (Mineral County, W. Va., and surrounding counties)
Bertha Schiele Scholarship (Cuba)
Simons Memorial Scholarship (Nunda)
Steuben County Endowed Scholarship
Walchli Family Scholarship (Bolivar, then Wellsville)
Carl W. Walchli Scholarship (Bolivar, then Wellsville)
Wetherbee Scholarship (International)

Christian Service Scholarships

Paul Timothy Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Harriet Jones Findlay Scholarship for Sunday School Education
McCamman-Nussey Scholarship
Messersmith Christian Service Scholarship
Moses Memorial Scholarship
Professor William O’Byrne Endowed Scholarship
Strock Scholarship
United Wesleyan College Christian Service Scholarship

Ministry or Missions Scholarships

Caroline V.S. Bergen Endowed Scholarship
Ivan Brown Missions Scholarships
William and Marjorie Calkins Scholarship
Ray and Marianne Chamberlain Scholarship
Chatlos Foundation Scholarship
Bernice Fish Scholarship
Gunsalus-UWC Ministerial Scholarship
Bert Hall Ministerial Scholarship
Daniel Heinz Ministerial Scholarship
James H. and Elizabeth Hogg Scholarship
Howard and Iva Jacox Scholarship
Lee Christian Service Loan/Grant
J. H. Lockwood Memorial Scholarship
Joy Palmer Missionary Endowed Scholarship
Norman and Grace Pusey Scholarship
Paul S. Reeves Scholarship
Claude Ries Scholarship
Seaman Family Scholarship
Carlyle and Scott Smith Scholarship
James E. Spear Memorial Scholarship
Earle L. Wilson Scholarship
Ziegler-Bronner Scholarship

Music Scholarships

Marion Anderson Voice Scholarship
John M. Andrews String Scholarship
Wilfred and Mary Bain Scholarship
Joanne L. Bingham Senior Music Scholarship
Carolyn Keil Campbell Scholarship
Clint A. Clifford Endowed Scholarship
Frederick C. Denham Organ Scholarship
Florence B. Dodds Scholarship
Charles Finney Endowed Scholarship (Organ or Church Music)
Dr. & Mrs. DeVere Gallup Scholarship
Ethel Boyce Johnson Music Scholarship
Walter T. Knox Scholarship
Robert R. Mackenzie Scholarship
S. Hugh & Wilfrieda Paine Scholarship
Presser Foundation Scholarship
Dr. George Seher Scholarship
Jacob and Marie Smith Church Music Scholarship
Willard G. and Mae L. Smith Scholarship
Paul and Mildred Temple Scholarship
Dorothy Yahn Walrath Organ Scholarship
Linford C. Wilcox Memorial Scholarship
Robert W. Woods Memorial Scholarship
Marilyn York Scholarship

Scholarships for Demonstrated Financial Need

George I. Alden Trust Scholarship
Laurel Davies Alexander Scholarship
Barnes-Eldrod Scholarship
Alfred and Hazel Benson Scholarship
The Rev. P. Arthur Brindisi Scholarship
Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Buffalo Endowed Scholarship
Calvary Church Scholarship
Carnahan-Jackson Foundation Merit Scholarship
Antoinette Conway Scholarship
Cushing Family Scholarship
Thomas Danks Scholarship
Ethel Davis Scholarship
Deerfoot Lodge Scholarship
Sam and Louise Dominguez Scholarship
Education Assistance Limited
Bess Fancher Scholarship
Folger Family Scholarship
Kaltenbaugh General Scholarship
Gardner Scholarship
George and Jane Gibbins Scholarship
Everett Graffam Scholarship
Alice Houghton Scholarship
Howes Trust Scholarship
James Harrington Hurd Scholarship
Samuel Howes II Scholarship
Kalla Memorial Scholarship
Kalle-Herbst Scholarship
George Ivan Koonce Scholarship
Carl J. Lambein Scholarship
Luke and Pearl Lindley Scholarship
Paul Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
Richard W. McCann Scholarship
McKee Scholarship
Paul V. Miller Scholarship
E.A. Moos Foundation Scholarship
Richard and Evelyn Naughton Scholarship
Jennie Parker Scholarship
Mary R. Presley Scholarship
Bert Rapp Scholarship
Rev. Bertrand E. Rudd Endowed Scholarship
Fred H. and Susanne K. Sawada Scholarship
Franklin Shisler Scholarship
Howard F. and Guendolen S. Smith Scholarship
Snowberger Scholarship
Layton and Olive Vogel Scholarship

Scholarships for Business Majors

Arnold Cook Scholarship
Grover and Ingrid Jensen Scholarship
Lazares Lazarides Memorial Scholarship
Reynolds-Santor Women in Business Scholarship
Hans Rothenbuhler Scholarship
Janet Decker Steiner Memorial Scholarship
Gerald and Mildred VanderVeen Scholarship Fund

Education Scholarships

Colossians 1:9-12 Scholarship
Joan C.V.G. Holman Scholarship
Emilie and Frank Mazza Endowed Scholarship
Raymond and Ethel Meahl Scholarship
Clifford W. and Katherine T. Thomas Scholarship
Dean V. and Doris Bain Thompson Scholarship
Lucele Hatch Wilson Scholarship

English Scholarships

Lionel Basney Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Daniel Cutter Literature Scholarship
Whitman & Dorothy Daniels
Mary Alice Baker Hazlett Scholarship

Science and Math Scholarships

Emily Markham Adelmann Scholarship
John M. Andrews III Scholarship
Benninger Scholarship
Kenneth Boon Scholarship
John G. Brokaw III Scholarship
Dorah Burnell Memorial Scholarship
James A. Comstock Memorial Scholarship
Hazel I. Crocker Scholarship
Howard A. and Helen C. Crosby Scholarship
Rachel Davison Fee Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. DeVere Gallup Scholarship
Alan R. Johnson Scholarship
Clyde E. Keeler Memorial Scholarship
Adrien R. LaBombarde Math Scholarship
George E. Moreland Scholarship
Jeffrey Osgood Memorial Scholarship
Osgood Science and Academic Scholarship
Richard W. Price Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Gustave Prinsell Scholarship
Jeffrey R. Prinsell Scholarship
Crystal Rork Scholarship
Dr. George Seher Scholarship
Shannon Scholarship
Cora Esther Sparks Memorial Scholarship
Ethlyn Stebbins Scholarship
Jeff Telego Memorial Scholarship
Arvis and Mavis Tucker Scholarship

Special Category Scholarships

Abdullah Scholarship: equestrian
Betts Scholarship: transfer students
Nora Rigall Calhoon Scholarship: communication
Chastain Endowed Scholarship: minority or disabled
Gordon Ferm Presbyterian Scholarship
Gallagher Family: Salvation Army Scholarship
Ruth Ortlip Gibson Memorial Scholarship
William and Diane Hein Award: political science
Winston Johnson Scholarship: sociology
Edna Lennox Scholarship: communication
Liberal Arts Scholarship
Emilie and Frank Mazza Endowed Scholarship: psychology
Mephibosheth Scholarship: physically challenged
Bruce Merritt Memorial Scholarship: pre-law
S.W. Paine/Wycliffe Scholarship: linguistics
David C. Pollock Preacher and Missionary Kids Scholarship
Jennifer A. Roorda Scholarship: psychology
Rosa Mae Smith Modern Language Scholarship: foreign language
Paul Robert Steese Memorial Scholarship: Christian testimony
Nancy L. Swift Memorial Scholarship: daughter of missionaries
Stanley P. Szymanski Scholarship: Polish descendant
Valk Presbyterian Endowed Scholarship: Reformed Presbyterian or Lutheran
Weir Scholarship: resident assistant
Artist A. Wilcox Scholarship: art
Willett Alumni scholarship
Daniel S. Willett Endowed Scholarship: communication or writing
Fred and Floy Willmott United Methodist Scholarship: United Methodist
Wight Memorial Scholarship: daughter of a farmer

General Student Loan

Alumni and friends of the college contribute to the General Student Loan Fund to provide loans for
general student use. Among several substantial gifts are those of Lawrence Harris Salle of the class
of ’37, Miss Matie Keegans, and Mrs. Grace Goldsberry.

Name Loan Fund

Living memorials may be established by creating a name loan fund of $1,000 or over.

Name Loan Funds Established By
Jennie E. Alexander Fund Bequest
*Darrow Basney Fund Professor & Mrs. Eldon Basney
Haven and Marie Burk Fund
*Lucius H. & Mary E. Fancher Fund Children and Grandchildren
Kenneth Hill Glasier Fund The Rev. Walter C. Glasier
Lee Christian Service Loan Fund Bequest
Henry F. Meeker Jr. Fund Miss Harriet Meeker
George M. Press Fund Bequest
Clarence Watson Fund Bequest
United Wesleyan College

*Interest-free while borrower is in school; six percent thereafter.

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