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Is there a separate application for merit-based scholarships?

Yes and no. If you qualify for an academic award, there is no separate application process; simply applying for admission to Houghton College is your scholarship application. There are, however, additional opportunities for merit-based and need-based aid that involve a separate application. In particular, the Excellence Scholarships, James S. Luckey Scholarship and scholarships awarded through the Honors Program interview process involve an additional application. This information will be posted on the admission site including the qualifying standards for those wishing to be considered for additional merit-based aid. 

Is it worthwhile to complete the FAFSA even though we know we won’t qualify for federal or state need-based aid?

Yes, at least for the first year.  The FAFSA is required for Houghton need-based scholarships, some other Houghton scholarships as well as for federal loans.

Do I need to fill out a separate form for Houghton, or does the FAFSA cover it?

In most cases, the FAFSA is the only financial aid form you’ll need to complete.  View our Applying for Aid webpage for complete details.

What's the timeframe for applying for financial aid?

Students can begin filing financial aid applications after January 1, after the previous year taxes are completed.  The priority application deadline is March 1.  Financial aid award letters are sent in March.  May 1 is when you’ll need to notify colleges whether or not you are accepting their offer of admission and financial aid.  

Can I work on campus to help pay my expenses?

Nearly half of our students participate in the federal work-study program.   Some common on-campus employers include the admission office, campus store, custodial, maintenance, food service, and the library, to name a few. Students generally work 5-9 hours per week and use their pay toward books and living expenses.

Can I use my Houghton financial aid when studying abroad?

You can receive your Houghton College financial aid (Excellence Scholarship, Houghton College Grant, etc.) only when studying abroad on a Houghton College program.  These include the Houghton Honors Program (East Meets West), Houghton in Tanzania, Balkans Semester, Go ED, Houghton Down Under, and City Semester.  Discover more about off-campus study opportunities at Houghton.

What are the payment options?

Your bill can be paid online with a checking or savings account, a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems, or by mailing a check or money order (see Payment Information for additional info).  You can also cover the remaining balance with a PLUS or Alternative loan.

What if my family has unusual or unexpected financial circumstances?

You can complete our special circumstances form to inform us about any unusual or unexpected financial circumstances.  We will take this additional information into account when completing your financial aid award letter.

Do you negotiate financial aid packages?

Our goal is to provide the best financial aid package the first time.  We can re-evaluate your financial aid package if new information arrives, such as new SAT/ACT scores, loss of a job, change in financial situation, etc.

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