Houghton College’s green and eco-friendly eBill is the official method for sending student account statements. Students will no longer receive paper billing statements.

All registered students are automatically signed up to receive their eBill. Students will receive an email (sent to their Houghton College email address) with their initial login information. After students log into their eBill account, they can edit and personalize their account information, as well as activate the “Shared Access” portion of eBill to register additional people to view and or pay their bill.

Log in and view your eBill

To add Shared Access to your eBill account, after you log in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Profile, select Shared Access, select “Add Shared Access.”
  2. Enter details for all required fields (noted by an asterisk*), and click submit.
  3. Access is granted shortly after your submission.

eBill Billing Schedule & Due Dates

Fall 2015 Semester:

  • Due August 10, 2015

eBill FAQs

How can I receive/reset my forgotten password?

Go to www.houghton.edu/ebill, click on the “Forgot Password?” link, type in your email and click “Send Email.” Your password will be emailed to you.

How can I change my password?

Go to www.houghton.edu/ebill, click on the “Change Your Password” link, type in your User ID, Old Password, New Password (& Confirm New Password), and click “Submit.”

How do I view the details of my eBill?

After logging into eBilling at www.houghton.edu/ebill, go to your My Home screen. To view the details of your most recent eBill, click the “View” button right next to the bill you want to view. Be sure to look at your most recent bill (Bill Date) to view the activity balance due as of the Bill Date.

What do I do with my eBill once it has been paid?

After you have paid your eBill, you may File your bill. To File your bill, click the “File” button to the right of the bill on your My Home screen. The bill will then be relocated to your My Filed Bills tab, and will clear your Home screen for when your receive your next eBill.

Why doesn’t my payment show up?

eBilling is not a live stream of your student account. It simply replaces the paper statements with electronic statements. Therefore if you make a payment, you will not see that payment reflected until you receive your next eBill statement. For example, you receive an eBill on September 18 with an amount due of $400. You pay $400 (either through eBilling, or through another payment option), and at that point should file your eBill since you know it was paid. You get the next eBill on October 16, which will show the $400 payment, plus any other activity on your student account, and the current balance due if any at that point.

If a student wants to know the 24/7 live stream current balance on your student account, you can view that on the Student Self Service. Parents/guardians do not have access to this.

How do I set up a Shared Access user?

After logging into eBilling at www.houghton.edu/ebill, click on your My Profile tab. Click “Shared Access” on the left. Click the “Add Shared Access” button on the top right. Enter the required information for the Shared Access user, then click “Submit.” Access is granted shortly after your submission.

I know I can pay through my eBilling account, by what are my other payment options?

Paying through the eBilling portal may not be your preference. You may want to send a check, money order, or enroll in a monthly payment plan. View details on Payment Information.

When I log into eBilling, it looks like I have two bills.

If you have not filed your older bills, they will stack up in your Home screen. Be sure to look at only the most recent bill (Bill Date). If you fail to pay a bill by the due date, and past due amount will be included on the next bill you receive.

My bill says the amount due is a negative number. What does that mean?

This means you have either an anticipated credit balance on your student account, or an actual credit balance on your student account. Your credit balance is anticipated if the credit is created from anticipated aid that has not yet disbursed to your account. This information can be seen if you View your eBill, and look through the details (Anticipated Aid is listed at the bottom, under Anticipated Aid).

Notification reminders/preferences

You control your Payment Reminder preferences through your eBilling portal under the My Profile tab. You can completely turn off payment reminders if you wish.

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