Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure by now you have at least a few questions. If not, here are some questions that we anticipated you might have. The answer to most of the questions is “it depends.”

What if I want to have a minor or double major?

Since 2005, over 100 Houghton students graduated in fewer than 8 semesters. Of those students, 20% had a second major. Hence, the first thing to know is that it can be done. The second thing to know is that deciding to add a second major will influence the time it takes to complete your degree – for example, finishing in the traditional four years.

I’d like to travel abroad, can I still do that?

Study abroad opportunities at Houghton are varied: full-semester programs, Mayterm, summer trips or weeklong excursions. The short answer is: you can travel abroad and still complete a degree in less than four years. The question remains as to how long you can study abroad and achieve your goal of graduating in under four years. Talk with your advisor about what program you are interested in and he or she will see if it is a possibility within a three-year time-frame.

Can I still play on an athletic team?

Yes. You’ll need to weigh your time commitments carefully so that you do not overwhelm yourself with a rigorous academic schedule alongside a rigorous athletic schedule. Coaches know that they are working with scholar-athletes and it is no mistake that the term “scholar” comes first in that phrase.

I’ve been invited to participate in Honors at Houghton, how will that work?

Again, you’ll need to talk with your advisor and look at the credits you have already earned entering Houghton and those that in your honors track will satisfy. Participating in Honors at Houghton does not preclude completing your degree requirements in less than four years. It is important to stress that participating in Honors at Houghton is a great opportunity, even if it means staying at Houghton for seven or eight semesters instead of six or seven.

Does my financial aid still apply if I decide to stay for the full eight semesters?

All financial aid awards are intended to be four-year awards. If you decided to stay for the entire four years, your financial aid package would most likely remain the same provided that you maintain the requisite GPA if you qualified for an academic award and your family’s financial situation does not change substantially if you qualified for need-based aid. At the point at which you are making that decision, you can talk with our financial aid office to make sure you have a clear financial picture.