Three Year Option | Qualifying Majors

What majors can fit better into a three-year plan?

Since you'll need to complete at least 124 credit hours to graduate (more if you are seeking a Bachelor of Music Degree), the answer is: it depends.

Certain majors may fit better than others into a three-year plan, and your ability to complete your degree requirements depends both on the number of credits needed to complete the major as well as the number of credits needed to complete your integrative studies requirements.

For example, you may be able to complete your integrative studies in as few as 29 credit hours but it is more likely to be somewhere in the range of 29 - 67.

If this sounds confusing, don't worry. Look at the menu options on the left, and contact Ryan Spear, the three-year option advisor, and he can talk through it with you.

Best fit for three-year option: most likely to complete in seven or fewer semesters without enrolling with college credit already earned

MajorCredit Hours
Bible 32-33
Communication 35-36
English 34
History 36
Humanities 34-45
Intercultural Studies 26-36
Mathematics 32
Music (BA) 39-49
Philosophy 33
Political Science 35-36
Psychology 36
Spanish 31
Writing 30

Good fit for three year option: more likely to need to enroll with college credit earned, more likely finish in seven semesters.

MajorCredit Hours
Art 46-52
Biology BS* 63-67
Biology BA 42
Business Administration 47-48
Chemistry BS* 64-68
Chemistry BA 56-60
Computer Science 53-57
Physics BS* 64-68
Physics BA 45-49
Recreation: Equestrian Studies - Management Track 42-44
Recreation: Equestrian Studies - Performance Track 43-45

May or may not be possible in three years: most likely to need to have earned college credit prior to enrolling at Houghton in order to complete in seven or fewer semesters.

MajorCredit Hours
Biochemistry 70-75
Music Composition 67-81
Adolescence Ed 44+2nd Major
Inclusive Childhood Education 92
B.Mus. w/ Elective 78-93
Music Ed 91-107
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