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Visiting Houghton

There’s nothing like an up-close-and-personal trip to our campus in Western New York to help you determine if Houghton is the right fit for you. We offer three unique visit experiences for students and families, so please take a few moments to explore the various opportunities mentioned below to help you decide which type of visit experience will work best for you and your preferences!

Summer 2014 Visit Opportunities

Individual Visits | As available


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Encounter Days

Think "Open House." These days are designed to provide you with an overall first-introduction to Houghton College. If you are thinking about visiting for the first time, an Encounter Day is an excellent choice.

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Individual Visits

An Individual Visit is the ideal choice for students and parents who prefer one-on-one interaction and who have specific requests as to what they would (and would not) like to do during their time on campus. Please keep in mind that an Individual Visit can be scheduled on the same day as an Opportunity Day.

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Special Visits

Throughout the academic year, we offer special visit days centered around certain campus events or academic areas. Whether your first introduction to Houghton or your fifth, these special days are a great opportunity to more deeply experience Houghton College.

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Please contact us with any questions that you may have about visiting by sending an email to visitoffice@houghton.edu or calling 800.777.2556.